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Affordable Countertop Options on a Budget

One of the main things that make many homeowners a bit hesitant about installing a new countertop with their kitchen remodeling project is the potential costs involved. Granted, this fixture might be a bit more costly than other minor details, but it also offers the most substantial benefits. 

There are also a variety of options to choose from when looking for affordable countertop solutions, some include: 

Granite Countertops 

If you’re determined to instill an elegant look with your counter, then granite is your best option in terms of cost and quality. It’s cheaper than alternatives like marble and bluestone but is more durable than its more expensive counterparts. It’s also available in several hues, textures, and patterns. 

Wood/Butcher Block Countertops 

Wood is one of the most affordable options you can find on the market. It’s a popular option for remodeling projects on a restricted budget. You should opt for treated wood rather than natural alternatives, however, if you would like to enhance the longevity of your installation. 

Laminate Countertops 

Apart from its affordability, laminate’s 3D print design capabilities give individuals a wide range of mimicry design options to choose from. You can have your counter take on a wooden, granite, or concrete appearance with a 3D print. For the best countertop solutions in the market, call us today! Custom Royal Countertops and Tile, your preferred contractor! 

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