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Best Countertop Materials in the Market

One of the primary elements to consider with a countertop installation is the material most suitable for your needs. There’s a wide variety of options available in this category. Taking the time to go through the various options available ensures you don’t regret your choice when it’s too late. 

Some of the more popular materials available in the market include: 


The particular species of wood you opt for can affect elements such as longevity, quality, and durability. Some of the leading species in this category include teak, oak, maple, and bamboo. Wooden countertops should be regularly sealed to enhance durability. 


Jackson WY Granite Countertops are steadily emerging as the most popular option when it comes to natural stone. This material is heat resistant, doesn’t scratch easily, and is available in multiple hues. Granite can last for decades when properly maintained, and isn’t as expensive as other alternatives such as marble. 


Laminate countertops are a great alternative for individuals seeking a budget-friendly option. It can also mimic multiple other materials thanks to 3D printing provisions and is quite easy to maintain. It’s also fairly stain resistant when properly sealed. We offer a wide variety of countertop materials, so call us today! Custom Royal Countertops and Tile, your preferred contractor!

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