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Best Countertop Materials in the Market

Installing a countertop in your kitchen is a great way to enhance the aesthetic levels of this space as well as improve overall functionality. However, it’s essential to ensure that the option you choose matches your practical needs and doesn’t only look good. Many people tend to be swayed by the appearance of a countertop’s design and tend to forget about its actual capability as a worktop. 

There are multiple elements to consider when it comes to identifying functional Countertops but at the top of that list is the primary material used for its construction. This aspect plays a significant role when it comes to determining suitability for a particular environment. Some of the best options available in this category include: 

Granite Countertops 

Exotic stone has progressed in leaps and bounds in terms of popularity and they have become a common feature with residential countertops. Granite is popular with modern designs because of its availability and wide selection of options. This natural stone offers multiple hues and veins across its surface, instilling a level of uniqueness with each slab. It’s also impressively durable and resistant to scratches and stains – making them an excellent option for an active workspace. With the right maintenance and care, granite counters can last an average of 50 years. The actual longevity will depend on aspects such as its quality, type, and grade. 

Quartz Countertops 

Quartz is another popular counter alternative that has taken over the remodeling market in recent years. Although it’s a tad bit more expensive than its granite counterpart, it’s also more durable. Studies have reported that this material is one of the hardest substances available, while its great abundance means that it’s easily available. Quartz is generally composed of silicon dioxide (SiO2) bonded by oxygen, forming a crystalline stone that ranges between different colors from milky white to light pink to midnight black. Many manufacturers grind quartz particles before bonding them with resins to enhance their durability. As such, most quartz countertops fall under the category of engineered stone. Quartz boasts the same longevity as granite and can last for over 5 decades with proper care. 

Butcher Block Countertops 

Butcher block countertops are significantly more affordable than exotic stone but also feature impressive levels of durability. These wooden fixtures are made from multiple species but most suppliers are partial to hardwoods such as oak, maple, and walnut because of their natural durability. Softwoods like pine and poplar can also be implemented with these counters but are less durable than their hardwood counterparts. They can also be manufactured from reclaimed wood, making them an eco-friendly solution. Depending on the species and quality of the wood, butcher block counters can last for over 30 years with proper maintenance. It should be mentioned that this option is less durable than exotic stone and features higher maintenance needs than their pricier countertop alternatives. However, these maintenance activities will not require herculean efforts to accomplish. You can simply wipe down the surface with warm water and soap, for example, to avoid the accumulation of grime. It’s essential to dry the surface immediately after wiping it to prevent potential water damage. You should also make an effort of sealing the surface at least once every six months after installation. 

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