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Best Natural Stone Options for White Kitchen Countertops

Natural stones as kitchen countertops have been in style since ancient times. But white countertops being used in the kitchen require specific natural stones. 

With the wrong stone, you will be left with scratched or even cracked and permanently stained kitchen countertops. 

Natural Stones for White Kitchen Countertops 

  1. Granite

Granite has a certain charm to it. The fact that each stone is unique together with its durability makes it the one to beat. It mostly comes as a white slab with beautiful light veins and flecks. 

  1. Marble

If you are looking to settle with pure white countertops, marble is the material to beat. It doesn’t get any whiter than marble.

Today, it is among the most luxurious stone materials. Marble’s always cool temperature is perfect for the tropics. 

  1. Quartz

Quartz is similar to granite in many ways including its durability. However, it’s not quite at the level of granite.

But the fact that it is engineered means you have more predictable patterns. But it also leaves more obvious seams if installed haphazardly.

We have all you need and many more. Oh, and we are wonderful at installing quartz to appear seamless. So call us today! Royal Countertops and Tile, your preferred contractor!

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