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Common Tiling Errors

If you’re thinking about cutting out the middleman and taking on a Jackson WY Tile Installation project on your own, familiarizing yourself with some of the common mistakes those who have gone before you have committed can help provide you with an initial set of guidelines to follow. Some of the more common errors of judgment committed with this project include:

Mismatch the trowel size

The trowel size should correspond with the size of the tile. Larger tiles need a deeper layer and therefore will use more adhesive, which will ensure that the tile fits perfectly.

Cracking the Tiles

It is normal to have some breakages and cracks in a tiling job. Preparing for such accidents is crucial when developing a tiling project. Always ensure you buy at least 10% more tiles than you need. This may come in handy in case of breakages and cracks.

Improper underlayment

You have to ensure that the bottom floor or wall on which you place your tiles is properly level and waterproof to prevent water from seeping into other areas of the house.

Bad grout

Ensure that you lay the grout cleanly and neatly with minimal spillage. This will ensure that when it dries it won’t spill over, affecting the aesthetics and texture of the floor.

If you would rather skip the hours of research and constant googling to look up the proper way to do something, let a professional handle the job and call us today! Custom Royal Countertops and Tile, your preferred contractor!

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