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DIY vs. Professional Countertop Installation Services

Installing a new countertop can have multiple benefits when working on a kitchen remodeling project. A major decision involved with the activity is whether to handle the installation as a DIY or hire a professional firm to handle the task on your behalf.

DIY Countertop Installation

Installing your kitchen Countertops on your own might not be as simple as it seems, but can be accomplished with a little bit of experience and professional guidance. You can potentially save on labor costs by handling the activity as a DIY, although quality results might not be guaranteed. DIY countertop installations should only be handled when dealing with malleable materials such as wood, tiles, or PVC. Materials such as exotic stones and glass should be left to the professionals.

Hiring Professional Countertop Installers

Hiring a professional contractor is the best strategy to undertake when looking to guarantee satisfactory results. Contrary to popular belief, hiring a contractor isn’t significantly more expensive than handling a DIY. In most cases, the difference might only be a few hundred dollars in the long run. Contractors will likely be able to get the needed materials at a lower rate, while they’re already equipped with all the potential tools needed for an installation. If you’re seeking a reliable professional countertop installation service, call us today! Custom Royal Countertops and Tile, your preferred contractor!

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