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Finding the Right Contractor for Your Countertop Installation

One of the primary issues to consider when undertaking a countertop installation project is whether to hire a professional to get the job done or handle the venture as a DIY. Contrary to popular belief, a do-it-yourself project doesn’t always represent the most cost-effective solution. Deciding between a contractor or relying on your skills isn’t something to be taken lightly. In many cases, it’s easier to transfer the responsibility to an experienced party with the right tools and know-how to guarantee results. 

Whether you’re dealing with Granite Countertops or butcher blocks, hiring an established contractor is crucial to your chances of success. Some of the issues you should keep in mind when choosing a contractor include: 


According to Jackson Wyoming statutes, all contracting firms are required to have at least one person in their employ with a master certificate of qualification (COQ) card related to the practice license acquired. Such licenses can only be considered valid while the cardholder is an employee of the business. This means that while any individual can manage contracting firms, their firm’s license can only be valid if they have one or more people in their workforce with a registered COQ card. Having the lead contractor you’ll be working with be one of the company’s cardholders is recommendable when looking to ensure chances of success. The general contracting licenses available in Jackson, Wyoming include Class A for general work, Class B for commercial and multi-dwelling residential projects, Class Br for non-structural work, townhouses, and Class C for one and two-family houses as well as access buildings. 

Conducting Face-to-face Interviews 

Because you’re going to be working with your contractor for an extended period, meeting them beforehand is recommended before committing to any binding agreement. It’s worth noting that the person you initially consulted about your project might not be the same person who’s assigned to the venture. Many online commercial platforms have developed instant messaging applications managed by AI systems. However, the potential working relationship you’ll have with the foreman can affect the overall experience connected to the project. A poor working relationship can lead to fragile egos, testy moods, and small disagreements that will consistently delay progress – potentially enhancing the expenses involved.

Focus on Experience 

The kind of countertop you opt for might also help you decide on a suitable alternative. If you’re intent on Granite Countertops, for instance, finding a contractor with experience in exotic stone is a primary prerequisite that should be included in your search. This particular material isn’t only more expensive than many of its other counterparts but can be quite difficult to cut and shape with accuracy. As such, individuals with little experience in this sector represent a higher chance of mistakes. It’s also important to ask for recent references connected to your particular needs to ensure their capability. Some contractors may be comfortable lying about their skill levels regarding a project if there’s a risk of them losing out on a client. 

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