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Gauging the Durability of Tiles

One of the major elements to consider when initiating a tile installation project with your remodel is the quality of the tiles with regard to durability. A poor choice will lead to the need for regular replacement, significantly raising the overall costs involved.

Some primary elements to consider when gauging durability with a Jackson WY Tile Installation project include:


The first aspect that will always play a role in durability levels is the particular materials involved. Wooden tiles, for instance, will be less durable than natural stone for the simple fact that the latter is a hardier material. As such, you’ll need to consider the particular material most suitable for your tile installation project.


A second element to consider when looking at durability is the particular grade. Porcelain and ceramic are categorized according to grades, with the higher numbers representing alternatives that feature higher levels of durability. Other options graded in such a manner include laminate(AC1 to AC5) and granite (level 1 to level 3+).

Practical Testing

You can take your tile samples through practical testing when looking to gauge their durability. These tests can include testing its brittleness with your hands, trying to scratch it with your keys, and dropping it from a particular height. We offer a wide variety of high-quality tiles, so call us today! Custom Royal Countertops and Tile, your preferred contractor!

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