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Great Countertop Ideas

A great way to transform your kitchen is by focusing on the countertop. Whether it’s an island or runs along the walls, the countertop represents a major section of this room. There are multiple ways to customize this workspace, with many suggestions involving relatively workable budgets and quick-fix solutions. Some great ideas you can implement with your countertop include:

Crystal Glass Countertops 

Focusing on the countertop itself and leaving the original foundation can save you a ton of money. There are several Jackson WY countertops you can choose from that will give your workspace a whole new look. A great idea you can apply includes glass countertops. You can choose to use a Plexiglas alternative if you’re worried about active children and numerous accidents.

Skim Coat Concrete 

Skim Coat concrete is another great way to change the look of your countertop. This strategy only takes a few hours to apply and the right contractor can even add some intricate patterns to boot. This method of resurfacing helps you hide multiple imperfections, including stains, grout lines, or cracks.

Zinc Templates 

Zinc operates more or less like stainless steel but is a more affordable option. A thin metal layer is spread over your countertop’s base, giving it a unique look influenced by the post-World War One era. If you would like to go through additional options call us today! Royal Countertops & Tile, your preferred contractor.

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