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Great Tile Installation Ideas

Contrary to popular belief, tile installations don’t have to solely consist of complete works that cover an entire section for practical reasons. Whereas that might have been the case when it was initially introduced, there are multiple ways in which homes and buildings can implement this application. Some great installation ideas that have come to the forefront in recent times include:

Developing a Floor Centerpiece 

If the interior doesn’t consist of any floor covering, you can create a floor centerpiece by tiling a segment of this section. The tile you choose should be consistent with the activity, so getting a plain drab color won’t work. The best approach for this idea is implementing mosaic tiling that will create unique patterns when combined.

Window and Door Frame Boundaries 

Installing tiling fixtures around the borders of your doors and windows is another great artistic use. Usual door and window frames go unnoticed, as they are there for a practical purpose. Adding tiles can accentuate these areas without hindering the practicality of the frame. 

Developing Wall Art 

Mosaic and picture art can also be added to avoid the potential monotony of a single color. Your wall doesn’t have to be fully tiled to implement this approach. Similar to the floor, you can simply choose a particular section and focus on it. If you’re looking for reliable tiling contractors, call us today! Royal Countertops & Tile, your preferred contractor.

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