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Great Tips to Enhance your Countertop Space

Sometimes all the space in the world is not enough when working on a major cooking project. Other times your counter might not have the surface area needed for your daily routine. You can implement simple strategies to get the best out of available space. Some of these include:

Covering the Sink 

The easiest way to create extra space is by simply placing a large cutting board or tray across the sink. You can also choose to stack any dirty or used dishes in the tub to make additional space. If your Jackson WY granite countertops have a double sink, you can implement both solutions.

Acquiring a Portable Kitchen Cart 

A kitchen cart on wheels can be used as a movable countertop. Their flexibility makes them ideal for individuals with small kitchens, especially if you don’t have an island integrated into the design. The small size of these carts also makes storage after use a simple aspect, as it can fit in multiple spaces.

Increase Shelving 

Enhancing your shelving space is a great way to avoid clutter during cooking activities. Placing shelves directly above your favored working section allows you to keep whatever you’re not using immediately in this section, giving you additional space to work with. If you’re looking for professional countertop renovation services, call us today! Royal Countertops & Tile, your preferred contractor.

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