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Great Ways to Upgrade Your Countertop

The countertop is arguably one of the primary fixtures of any kitchen and its competency levels can play a large role in the overall effectiveness of this space. This feature has also evolved over the years to meet the needs of modern kitchens, with numerous design and upgrade solutions available in the market. It should be noted, however, that you don’t have to have to replace your countertop to get with the times. There are several ways you can upgrade your current counter instead of having to go out of pocket for a new one. 

Some effective means of upgrading your countertops include: 

Tile Installations 

A simple but effective way of transforming your countertop without undertaking a direct replacement is by installing tiles onto the original surface. This approach can help you turn laminate fixtures into Jackson WY Granite Countertops. It should be noted that not all surfaces are suitable for laying tiles. In some cases, you might need to sand down the area or strip the top layer before integrating your tiles. Concrete and smooth wood or composite counters generally offer more success with such projects. There are numerous tile options to choose from in this sector. Porcelain and ceramic are currently the top favorites for counters in the kitchen or bathroom because of their water-proof attributes and impressive durability. 

Adding Extensions 

If you’re looking for additional space in your working area, extending your current fixture instead of buying a bigger one can be a cost-effective means of accomplishing your objective. Depending on the particular kind of extensions you want to integrate, hiring a professional contractor to get the job done can be advisable. You can also integrate different materials with your extensions to mix and match the spaces with your design. A butcher block counter, for example, can be extended using Jackson WY Granite Countertops on both sides, giving a somewhat modern-retro vibe. It should be noted that when working with heavy materials such as stone, the extension will need additional support for it to be fully reliable. When dealing with materials such as wood or composite, the countertop’s overhang can be extended for a maximum of 15 inches before support is required. Using the same material is recommended when dealing with overhang extensions. 

Enhancing Light Coverage 

Adding extra light around your countertop is another great upgrade solution as it not only enhances visibility thus improving functionality, but can be manipulated to affect aesthetics and mood settings. There are several options available when it comes to this approach, and it’s crucial to ensure that your chosen method doesn’t inhibit designated sections should you be using your counter as a workspace. Some practical lighting solutions you can implement with this upgrade include installing LED strip lights along the edges of your counter or on the underside of cabinets that may be positioned over the fixture. You can also opt for ceiling solutions hung directly above the fixture or drill in an adjustable swing-arm lamp on the edges of the surface. 

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