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Green Countertop Alternatives

Eco-friendly solutions have become a popular trend in everyday social living and business ventures. The need to protect the environment and reduce the overall carbon footprint has come to the forefront of building, manufacturing, and development. 

Kitchen remodeling solutions have not been left behind, and there are a variety of countertop alternatives available in the eco-friendly category. Some of these include: 

Reclaimed Wood 

One of the most accessible green materials is reclaimed wood. These are wooden countertops made from recycled pieces, construction byproducts, and the like. There are several hardwood solutions available in this sector, and their mixture of hues gives it an attractive temperate appearance. 

Eco-friendly Granite Countertops 

Some granite countertops are made from refurbished materials. This offers an eco-friendly alternative to freshly manufactured material. This green option features similar levels of quality and is more affordable than its counterpart. 

Eco-friendly Concrete 

Concrete also offers several green solutions with its products. Green concrete is manufactured with locally sourced elements that are either recyclable or ingredients that contain a mix of industrial waste byproducts. Finding the right contractor is crucial for your countertop installation, so call us today! Custom Royal Countertops and Tile, your preferred contractor!

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