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How to Enhance the Longevity of your Countertop

Your countertops are one of the hardest places to maintain because of all the activity that takes place in that space. Avoiding these activities is not the only way to save your tops from ultimate destruction. There are several tips you can implement when looking to extend the longevity of this workspace, some include:

Heat Prevention 

Many countertop materials are not suited to handling hot surfaces for an extended period. Taking pots and pans straight from the fire and onto your Jackson WY granite countertops will lead to damage in the long run. Placing a chopping board on the surface before moving such cutlery from the fire is a recommendable strategy.

Avoid Abrasive Cleaners 

If you’ve applied a sealant to your countertop, it’s essential to avoid abrasive cleaners as this will destroy the surface in the long run. Abrasive cleaners can be defined as heavy-duty detergents designed to extricate stubborn stains from small spots. Applying these cleaners will weaken the sealant over time and cause color damage.

Ensure your Sealant Remains Effective 

Sealer is a chemical lubricant applied to the surface that’s designed to protect it from scratches and other forms of damage. It’s designed to seep within the material’s pores and then harden, strengthening the surface in the process. If you’re looking for quality kitchen countertops call us today! Royal Countertops & Tile, your preferred contractor.

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