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How to Identify a Quality Tile Job

For inexperienced homeowners seeking a quality tiling job, hiring a contractor is your best chance of success. Not every candidate in the market represents a suitable option, and knowing what to expect with high-end results can help you determine the overall quality delivered. 

Some clear signs of a good Tile Installation job include: 

Uniformity in the Pattern 

Tile jobs are supposed to represent a sense of uniformity in their layout. If you’re dealing with 12X12 dimensions in a square shape, for example, the tiles should be neatly organized and exhibit a linear alignment throughout the section involved. Any irregular lines or ill-fitting sections represent amateur work. 

Smooth Grout Outlines 

Grout is an element that is used as a filler between the tiles installed on a surface. Most alternatives are a product of powdered cement and color pigment. These outlines shouldn’t stand out in terms of grip and should have a smooth feeling from tile to tile. Rough patches with grout or irregular colors don’t represent quality work. 


Sometimes, the work might seem perfect but capitulate in a few months as cracks and loose tiles emerge. Hiring a contractor with warranty provisions ensures you don’t have to add these issues to your budget. We offer the best tiling installation services in the market, so call us today! Custom Royal Countertops and Tile, your preferred contractor!

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