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How to Identify Quality Tiles

There are multiple tiling options to choose from in the market, and the suitability of a specific alternative will depend on your particular needs. Some effective ways of identifying quality tiles for your tile installation project include: 

Check the Grade 

Tiles are marketed in particular grades, with the highest quality known as standard grade. These are tiles that feature adequate levels of uniformity in terms of the luster and color of the tiles. Second-grade tiles are a few levels below standard in quality, while tiles with multiple inconsistencies such as glaze, thickness, and color are sold under the category of salvage. 

Durability Classifications 

The durability of a tile is classified according to four different levels categorized from 0 to IV. 0 features the lowest durability and isn’t suitable for flooring purposes, I and II are developed for light and medium traffic areas respectively, III is suitable for all floors, while IV represents the highest durability levels and is designed for commercial use. 

Certified Slip Resistance 

Buying tiles that have been certified as slip-resistant, with the title backed by laboratory tests is a great way to ensure quality. Slip resistance simply refers to the grip levels available with a tile surface, ensuring that individuals don’t slide when walking on them. If you’re looking for high-quality tiling solutions, call us today! Custom Royal Countertops and Tile, your preferred contractor!

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