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Improving the Workspace on your Countertop

Your countertop is arguably the primary fixture of your kitchen and focusing on this section can determine the stylistic direction of this room. It’s also an effective means of enhancing your available workspace. Depending on your approach, there are several options you can choose from. It’s essential to ensure that you don’t place aesthetics over functionality. 

Some great ways you can enhance the workspace on your Jackson WY Countertops include:

Integrating Shelf Risers 

A great means of adding to your countertop’s capacity is through the integration of shelf risers against the wall or screwed at the end of the counter. Integrating a design with a covered back is advisable when working with a counter that is not set against the wall to ensure things don’t accidentally fall over when placed in a rush. Choosing more than one set and placing them one over the other is a good way to enhance available storage space. 

Installing an Island Countertop 

Placing an additional island countertop is another effective means of enhancing the workspace available in your kitchen. There are numerous designs to choose from ensuring you can find alternatives that blend into different spaces. You can choose a design with several curvatures to allow the fixture to cover a maximum amount of space. In such cases, these curves not only enhance aesthetic appeal but improve the safety levels available, especially in a household with toddlers running around the rooms. Implementing countertops with right angles can be risky should one of the children run into it when playing their games. Island Jackson WY Countertops can also come with additional storage solutions by placing the counter over a set of cabinets or integrating the bottom space with shelving space.

Covering the Sink Area 

Covering the sink with a board over the gap is an effective way to add to the workspace of your counter. You can accomplish this with large cutting boards that can be used as a cooking space or for placing pans and cutlery. You can choose to implement a more permanent solution by attaching hinges to the cutting board on one end to give it an in-swinging ability. Light plastic alternatives should be considered when implementing a permanent approach. A wooden block will require extra attention when placed in an area like a sink with constant exposure to water. You can also implement recycled products and opt for a pull-out design to save space. 

Extending your Counter Along the Walls 

Extending your countertop along the walls is a great way of adding extra workspace without causing too much clutter with your general floor plan. If your counter is backed up against a wall, you can install additional square footage on either side, implementing a right-angled turn when you get to the corners of the room. Your extensions should be adequately placed to represent a streamlined formation with the original fixture. Hiring an established contractor plays a significant role in the potential success you can enjoy, so call us today! Custom Royal Countertops and Tile, your preferred contractor!

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