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Installing a Countertop Sink

There are multiple ways you can improve the functionality of your kitchen, with one of the most straightforward means being improving the workspace on your countertop. Installing an additional sink in this section offers multiple benefits in terms of practical utility.

Some crucial elements to consider when integrating a sink into your Jackson WY Countertops include:


Where you place the sink plays a significant role in your chances of success. Positioning this fixture on one of the counter’s extreme ends is advisable when looking to effectively utilize the space available. Placing it somewhere in the middle would require you to work around the section which can be impractical at times.

Size and Dimensions

A suitable sink size will depend on your particular needs. In most cases, an additional sink will be used for minimal washing and rinsing needs when dealing with food preparation, so they don’t have to be XL in terms of dimensions. A 16 to 20-inch sink will likely represent a suitable size for most minimalistic needs.

Permit Applications

If your counter doesn’t have an existing sink, you’re going to need to rework the plumbing network. Such activities will require a plumbing permit, or you might face the risk of hefty fines. Established contractors will handle any permit requirements on your behalf, so call us today! Custom Royal Countertops and Tile, your preferred contractor!

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