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Maintaining a Butcher Block Counter

One of the popular counter alternatives in the market is butcher blocks. This option is highly durable and is available at affordable rates when compared to other high-end alternatives. It’s essential that you properly maintain your counter if you’re to enjoy its full range of benefits. 

Effective ways of maintaining a butcher block Countertops include: 

Light Sanding 

If your counter is subjected to stains that are proving impossible to remove, you can fix the issue via light sanding. Using two grades of sanding paper is a good way to ensure that you effectively remove any blemishes from the surface. It’s advisable to first start with 100 grit paper and finish off with a 150 grade. 

Regular Sealing 

It’s essential to seal your butcher block regularly when you first install it, but after a few weeks, you can scale back to about once a month. Mineral oil is the best choice for this application. Simply spread a generous portion of the oil onto the surface and let it soak in before wiping off any excess. 

Use Minimal Water 

Although sealing your counter will enhance its moisture resistance, it’s still advisable to use minimal water when wiping it down. Using a damp cloth will accomplish the same objective without risking damage to the surface in the long run. We offer high-quality butcher blocks at affordable prices, so call us today! Custom Royal Countertops and Tile, your preferred contractor!

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