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Maintaining a Butcher Block Countertop

Butcher block counters are a great alternative for busy kitchens hosting regular meal preparation activities. These wooden fixtures represent one of the more affordable options in the market and can last for decades with proper care and maintenance. Its durability also means that it has minimal maintenance needs compared to more delicate materials.

Some of the elements you should consider when maintaining a butcher block countertop include:

Daily Cleaning

Regularly wiping down your countertop is the simplest way of maintaining its personality in terms of hue and aesthetics. Warm water and some soft detergent will be able to get most stains out. Any stubborn remnants can be addressed with baking soda mixed into a pulp and left to cover the mark overnight.

Dedicated Chopping Boards

Many homeowners are generally tempted to use their entire counter as an impromptu chopping block. Installing a dedicated board for this activity effectively protects the surface from chips and scratches. Implementing a dedicated cutting space is also a more hygienic approach compared to the free use of Countertops.

Light Sanding

Lightly sanding down the surface is an effective way to revamp the aesthetics of your counter, but isn’t widely encouraged as frequently completing this task will wear down the counter in the long run. For high-quality butcher block counters at affordable rates, call us today! Custom Royal Countertops and Tile, your preferred contractor!

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