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Signs of a Good Tile Installation

If you have never handled tiling installation before, hiring a contractor is the best way to ensure satisfactory results. However, just because you’ve hired a professional doesn’t automatically mean they will guarantee a great job. Knowing what to look for after the job can help you determine whether you’ve got your money’s worth. 

Some signs of a good tile installation include: 

Even Flooring and Stable Tiles 

One of the clear signs of a good job is a smooth and level surface. If the tiles are stable and tightly knit, meaning they don’t sag or wobble when walking across them. The floor space should also show signs of even ground, meaning it doesn’t dip and rise as you move from one section to another. 

Symmetrical and Centered Designs 

Any design needs to be placed symmetrically to implement matching consistency. One side should not appear lopsided when compared to another. The design should also be centered within the room, creating a pivotal focus with the motif implemented. 

Good Cuts along Edges and Corners 

The tiles should also be appropriately cut to seamlessly fit into any small spaces found in corners and edges. There shouldn’t be any remaining spaces left in such areas. Apart from the edges and corners, you can also check the door jambs or electrical outlets. Hiring an established contractor ensures you can avoid these mistakes, so call us today! Custom Royal Countertops and Tile, your preferred contractor!

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