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Signs you Need to Replace your Countertop

One of the best ways of enhancing your kitchen’s appearance is by replacing your countertop. This fixture represents a primary feature of this part of the house, and with the right approach can represent a long-term benefit making it a worthwhile investment.

Some of the signs that suggest you need a countertop replacement include:

Visible Damage

If your surface has several cracks, chips, or any deformities that can’t be easily addressed – installing a replacement might be your best shot at success. The material involved will also determine whether any potential damage can be fixed. Glass and Jackson WY Granite, for instance, won’t be easy to address if the blemish is a few layers deep and not close to any edges.

Enhancing Potential Purpose

Replacing wall-mounted countertops with island alternatives can revamp the overall purpose and functionality of your kitchen. The island counter can be used as an additional dining space, while wall-mounted counters can be used as workspaces. Placing the dining counter in a dead space greatly enhances overall spatial use.

Rot and Water Damage

Wood rot occurs as a result of regular exposure to moisture. It comes off as a whitish-yellow spongy appearance, and generally infests areas with a cracked surface. Wet rot appears as a dark stain on timber and can have a musty smell. For high-quality countertop replacement services, call us today! Custom Royal Countertops and Tile, your preferred contractor!

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