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Stages of a Countertop Installation

Remodeling your kitchen is a great way to increase the potential resale value of your home, improve aesthetics and enhance overall functionality. One of the primary activities of such a venture involves countertop installation. This fixture offers multiple benefits when suitably positioned, leading to an effective transformation of the entire space. 

There are several key aspects involved with a countertop installation, and familiarizing yourself with the key stages of such a venture can be crucial to your chances of success. The essential stages of this installation process include: 

Highlighting your Particular Needs

The versatility of countertops makes them suitable for a variety of purposes depending on the design involved. The three primary purposes that most homeowners intend when installing this fixture include using it as an additional workspace, enhancing kitchen aesthetics, and providing a dining/seating area. Most countertop designs can serve all three purposes, but if you’re keener on a particular purpose, then focusing on a design with attributes related to that purpose is recommended. Granite Countertops, for example, are a great way to instill a sense of elegance in your kitchen setup, but might not be the best option when looking to utilize your counter as a dedicated workspace. Butcher blocks, on the other hand, might not feature similar levels of artful integration but can be viewed as the workhorse of countertops – making them ideal for daily cooking routines. 

Identifying a Reliable Countertop Contractor 

Approaching your countertop installation as a DIY might end up being more expensive than hiring a professional when you have no experience. An amateur approach is likely to feature several mistakes that will either exhibit low levels of quality or render an ineffective fixture that will need to be replaced. Asking for personal references as well as browsing through independent consumer rating sites is a good place to start when seeking a viable candidate. It’s crucial to take your time and go through various options to identify the best possible candidate for your needs. Once you have whittled down your options to two or three options, scheduling a face-to-face meeting is advisable before making a final decision. The final candidate you opt for should be able to produce a verifiable portfolio of past works as well as offer insurance and warranties with their products and services.

Selecting Suitable Materials 

There are multiple issues to consider when choosing the best countertop material for your needs. Apart from its intended purpose, elements such as pricing, the home environment, and your stylistic endeavors will also play a role in the final decision. Laminate countertops offer an affordable but durable alternative for homeowners working on a budget. Granite Countertops are an ideal solution for individuals seeking a pocket-friendly solution in the exotic stone category. Concrete countertops have recently grown in popularity with individuals looking to implement a bespoke solution with their installation. Concrete can fit into a wide variety of molds and involves minimal labor costs compared to alternatives such as marble and quartz. 

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