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Stages of a Tile Installation Project

Tile installations are arguably one of the more popular solutions available for home remodeling projects. This approach is highly versatile and can be applied in any room of the house, as well as utilized outdoors. Another reason these fixtures have maintained their popularity over the years is their affordability compared to other alternatives in the market. 

A tiling project can transform a space in terms of aesthetics and functionality without draining a homeowner’s accounts in the process. If you have never undertaken a tile installation project before, familiarizing yourself with the primary stages involved can give you an idea of what to expect. 

Some of the key stages of a Jackson WY Tile Installation project include: 

Prepping the Space 

The prep stage involved with your tiling project will depend on the area involved. However, whether you’re dealing with floors or walls it’s essential to ensure that the surface is smooth and even. Accomplishing this objective might include activities such as sanding down the area, fixing any chips or cracks, and removing any nails, screws, or fittings jutting out of the area. Once you have an aligned surface, any dust and debris will be removed from the area before wiping it down clean. 

Applying Adhesive and Laying the Tile 

Once you have prepped the area, the next stage involves laying the tile. This process traditionally involved using mortar to stick the tiles in place. However, multiple adhesive products have been introduced into the market nowadays, allowing you to skip the stage of mixing the cement before application. Contractors will generally work on one section at a time because these adhesives tend to dry quickly. As such, applying the adhesive to an extensive space can lead to parts drying before the tile is laid. Starting the tiling process from the center and then working your way outwards is recommended to maintain uniformity. The tiles will need to be cut to fit along the edges of the room and in the corners. Integrating tile spacers is a good way to align the fixtures and ensure there is enough space for grouting. You should also make a point of cleaning any mortar or adhesive that leaks from the sides immediately as they’ll be extremely difficult to handle once dry. Peel-and-stick tiles are easier to install as the name suggests but don’t have the longevity of traditional Jackson WY Tile Installations. 

Applying Grout 

The primary purpose of grout is to fill the gaps between the tiles to seal the joints. Their application prevents the tiles from shifting over time, leading to them potentially cracking in the process. It also enhances the overall appearance of the project when applied properly. The grout is first pressed into the seams along the tiles before any excess amount is scraped off with a float. You can also use a grout sponge to remove any excess on the tile surface as well as smooth the seams. Homeowners can implement a grout with the same color as the tile or choose a matching shade to enhance aesthetics. 

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