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Tile Installation

Stages of a Tile Installation

Tile installation is a great way to remodel the layout of a room without having to tear down surface areas and build afresh. Many interior designers are leaning towards this solution as a viable means of centerpiece development, texturization, and other stylistic strategies. If you have never experienced a tile installation before, some of the primary stages include: 

Preparing the Surface 

If you’re replacing tiles, the old fixtures will need to be removed and the area underneath smoothed and leveled. It’s essential to ensure aspects like wax, grease, and scum are flushed from the surface area. Any molding should also be cleared before the Jackson WY tile installation

Identifying the Layout and Applying Adhesive 

The next stage involves noting the space involved regarding the placement of the tiles. The room is divided into smaller grids based on the size of the tiles involved. The adhesive will next be applied to standing ridges using trowels. 

Setting the Tiles 

It’s essential to ensure that the adhesive isn’t poured over an area that can’t be covered in 15 minutes, as it might otherwise dry out before you get to it. Once the tiles are set, you’ll need to wait for them to settle. Experienced installers can easily get the job done, so call us today! Custom Royal Countertops and Tile, your preferred contractor!

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