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Strongest Tile Materials in the Market

There are a variety of options to choose from with tile installations. Projects such as flooring installments, for instance, will require tiles that can withstand an extended amount of pressure regularly. 

Granite Tiles 

Granite is one of the toughest materials in the market, and also represents a great choice when looking to instill a sense of refinement. These options can last for decades after installation and are great at resisting significant levels of impact and pressure. This makes it great for continual traffic, making it appropriate for areas like the entryway, kitchen, lounge, and other communal sectors. 

Ceramic Tile 

Ceramic is one of the most popular options when it comes to tiling solutions. They’re highly affordable compared to other alternatives and come in a wide variety of hues, sizes, and designs. They’re also fire-resistant, which enhances the potential safety enjoyed in the household. These tiles are also easy to install and replace. 

Porcelain Tiles 

Porcelain tiles are closely related to ceramic but represent a more brittle and hardier option. These attributes make them a popular option when it comes to flooring solutions. They’re also an affordable solution and are easily available. We offer the best tiling solutions in the market, so call us today! Custom Royal Countertops and Tile, your preferred contractor!

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