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The Best Rooms for a Tiling Project

When you first decide on a tiling project, you may be unsure of which rooms to start the work on. Some great suggestions you might want to consider include:

The Bathroom

Bathrooms are a great place for Tile Installation. The constant moisture and humidity experienced daily means there are not a lot of options with materials. Tiles make it much easier to clean, plus they also enhance the aesthetics of the space. Depending on the tiles you choose, you can change the ambiance of your bathroom and create an exquisite personal place reflecting your style and personality.

The Lounge

Considering this room is essentially where most people will spend their time, it’s important that you have a nice tiled floor to reflect your style. You can use larger tiles for this area to instill a sense of spatial vastness and make the place seem bigger.  

The Kitchen

This area can handle a lot of stains, and it is recommended that you ensure that the backsplash area behind the cooker is adequately tiled for easier cleaning. It can also create a nice contrast compared to the rest of the kitchen. If you are interested in acquiring quality tiling services, call us today! Custom Royal Countertops and Tile, your preferred contractor!

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