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Tile Installation: Choosing the Best Colors

One of the primary elements that people need to consider during tiling installation projects is the selection process. Choosing tiles in the past was straightforward as there were few options to choose from. New modern designs have greatly raised the number of choices available in recent times. 

Some of the issues you should consider when selecting a color for your tiles include: 

Natural Light 

Different shades have different reactions to light. A darker Jackson WY tile, for instance, will likely absorb light and is suitable for places with lots of sunlight. Brighter colors, however, reflect light, making them excellent for darker areas. 

Avoiding Monotony 

Choosing one tile with one color can be a bit monotonous when dealing with large sections of space. With this in mind, choosing two colors that go together like black and white, for example, can ensure the final result doesn’t offer up a drab presentation. 


White tiles are slowly losing fashion because of their susceptibility to stains and dirt. This color has proven impractical in recent times, especially considering the wide range of options available. Subtle grays and browns have slowly taken over white tilling as a result. If you’re looking for suitable options for your tiling needs, call us today! Royal Countertops & Tile, your preferred contractor.

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