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Top Choices for Countertops Edges

Imagine recently finished or are planning to remodel your kitchen and you are stuck on the edge. Quite literally. Picking one from different Jackson WY countertops edges can be quite a fix.

Well, we should be able to help you. We will start by listing some of the more common edging patterns…

  1. Square Edges

These include pencil, bevel, and even straight edges. These are the most common edge patterns.

If you’re looking to give your countertops the traditional look, these are for you. 

  1. Rounded and Bullnose

This pattern is every interior designer’s best friend. The rounded edge countertops have high integration levels.

This means that they fit into just about any kitchen pattern or design. 

They fit perfectly in more modern kitchen designs. This is because they do not have the rigidity of the square edges.

  1. Custom Designs 

This is all about you. If you see an edge from somewhere and you love it … you’ve got it. 

If you’re not sure you could even combine types of edges.

We are the kings of perfect countertops edging! Call us today! Royal Countertops and Tile, your preferred contractor!

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