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Trending Countertop Accessories in 2023

The countertop is one of the primary features of modern kitchens around the country. This fixture is a great addition for individuals looking to revamp their cooking area and enhance the potential workflow enjoyed with their activities. The continued progress of interior decor and design has increased the potential options available when looking to integrate a bespoke setup with their approach. 

Some of the more popular accessories available with modern Jackson WY Countertops include:

Drilled-in Coffee Station Organizers

Coffee stations have been a popular countertop accessory for a few years now, with their tier-shelving design offering multiple options for individuals looking for a neat way to keep their condiments, paper cups, and other beverage products within easy reach. Many homeowners have recently opted for in-built (stationary) solutions in this category rather than sticking with portable solutions that can be accidentally tipped over. Depending on your counter’s material, you can drill pocket holes into the surface and attach the station using screws, or simply use a vice system to keep it firmly in place.

Opposing Sink Stations

Although sinks have been part of countertop designs for decades, how these features are installed has evolved in recent years. One of the leading trends in this section is the placement of sinks on either end of the counter to allow for a clear workspace in the middle. This approach allows the user to allocate different activities for each sink. One can be used for doing the dishes, for example, while the other can be dedicated to washing hands and rinsing foodstuffs. Placing the sinks on extreme ends ensures there is enough space for individuals to use both stations without blocking access to designated pathways and causing a lull in traffic. 

In-built Cutting Boards

In-built cutting boards offer a stylish and practical solution for Jackson WY Countertops. Their installation enhances the potential of this workspace and saves on space as individuals don’t have to worry about moving the board from one place to another when seeking to place additional items on the counter. These boards are generally placed in a recess on the countertop surface allowing for smooth integration. They also don’t involve any additional cleaning requirements and can be wiped down with the rest of the counter.

Paper Towel Dispensers

Paper towels are a staple of kitchen setups around the country. Placing a dispenser on the counter is a great way to ensure this accessory is easily accessible. There are numerous designs to choose from, ensuring that you can find a dispenser that blends into the overall style of this space. An automatic dispenser is a great solution for people who use these products frequently when cooking. A simple wave of the hand will allow you access to the towels without making contact with the device when dealing with messy hands. They can be portable or mounted on the countertop but it’s crucial to ensure you keep them from the cooking spaces because of their flammability.

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