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What to Ask your Contractor when Installing a Countertop

Installing a countertop might seem like an easy task when looking to instigate a DIY remodeling project. However, no matter how experienced you might be with past projects, hiring an expert is advisable when looking to ensure quality work and protect the venture’s budget.

Some of the primary queries you should include when looking for suitable Jackson WY Granite Countertops installers include:

What are your Specialties?

If you’re working with particularly delicate or sturdy materials such as natural stone and glass, you’ll need to establish any potential experience a candidate has with certain categories. General contracting services, for example, can be combined with custom marble designs.

What are your References?

Always insist on acquiring a list of two or three references/ previous clients that you can personally contact. Ensuring the references you’re provided with can be validated is crucial when determining the viability of a candidate. Some established firms already have their references published on their websites.

What’s your Insurance Coverage?

It’s also crucial your final candidate is insured against potential accidents. This coverage is important when working on major projects, as the higher a project’s costs, the higher the potential for unforeseen expenses. For reliable deck-building services, call us today! Custom Royal Countertops and Tile, your preferred contractor!

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