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What to Consider when Installing a Countertop

Integrating a new countertop into the kitchen setup can be a great way of enhancing the overall space. If it’s your first time undertaking such a venture, the whole process might seem a bit chaotic if you’re not sure of where to start. There are multiple issues to consider when installing a countertop, and preparation is key to the potential success of this project. Rushing into this venture without first familiarizing yourself with the key aspects involved with this activity is never advisable. It’s crucial to contain all excitement and consider all options available before committing to a decision. 

Some of the main aspects to consider when installing Countertops include: 

Optimal Size 

Kitchens have different needs and as such a one-size-fits-all approach can’t be implemented when installing a countertop suitable to your particular requirements. One of the first elements to consider when seeking an option that is compatible with your needs is the appropriate size. The space available in your kitchen is the first thing to keep in mind when choosing an adequate size. It’s crucial to ensure that the fixture you choose doesn’t cover excessive space, cramping the entire environment in the process. However, it should also be large enough to meet your particular needs such as a worktop for meal preparations, cooking space, or a dining section. An additional worktop, for example, can focus on length instead of width as items should be within easy reach of the cooking area. A dining area, on the other hand, would need to have adequate width to accommodate individuals and dishes without one diner encroaching on another person’s personal space. 

Functionality Over Aesthetics 

Many homeowners make the mistake of directing the majority of their attention toward the final appearance of the space without considering the issue of practicality. As much as a countertop can enhance the aesthetics of any kitchen, this is generally not its primary function. Any style or design that’s integrated into your kitchen should be suited to the primary purpose of the fixture. Laminate countertops, for instance, offer a wide variety of colors, while composite alternatives can even mimic different materials and textures. Both options, however, are not great alternatives for a cooking space as they’re not very resistant to heat and can easily chip or crack under constant pressure. The same can be said for marble Countertops when looking at exotic stones. Marble features high levels of class and elegance but is also quite delicate and can easily scratch or crack because of its softer surface. 

Hiring a Contractor Vs DIY 

One of the primary reasons that people choose to undertake a DIY project is to reduce potential expenses. But this isn’t always the case when dealing with complicated or crucial projects. Installing your countertop isn’t always as easy as it sounds, and individuals are liable to make multiple mistakes that can lead to increased costs. If you have never undertaken a counter installation before and have no experience with construction, hiring a professional represents your best shot at success. 

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