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What to Consider with a Flooring Tile Installation Project

The floor represents one of the most important sections of a house. One of the most effective ways of improving this section is through a Tile installation project.

Some aspects you should consider with such a venture include:

Prepping your Floor for Installation

A popular means of mitigating costs when dealing with a flooring project is by undertaking the initial stages, such as area preparation on their own. A quick sweep over the surface won’t do when preparing for a tile installation, and it’s essential to ensure that all debris is completely cleared from the section before installation.

Any old adhesive layer should be properly stripped and any cracks patched when dealing with cement floors. When working with wooden subfloors, it’s crucial to screw in a cement backer board to offer a secure surface that won’t shift during application.

Common Mistakes

Some common mistakes committed by amateurs include using the wrong-size trowel for your particular tiles. The larger the tiles involved, the deeper the trowels on your notches need to be. Avoiding a drill or paddle when mixing your grout is recommendable to maintain consistency, and tiles should be laid out from the center going outwards. If you’d rather have a professional handle the installation on your behalf, call us today! Custom Royal Countertops and Tile, your preferred contractor!

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