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Tile Installation

What to Expect with Tile Installation

Tiles are a great way to change the entire look of your house. Its numerous options mean you can implement almost any theme you desire in any room. If you’re thinking about tile installation, it’s essential to know what to expect with the project. Some of the primary stages involved with this activity include:

Removal and Preparation 

The first stage of tile installation is removing the old tiles and prepping the surface for a new set. Removing the old tiles shouldn’t be complicated unless the contractor did a bad job. Prepping the surface involves fixing any cracks and light cleaning. You might also need to install a concrete backer board.

Tile Installation 

The new tiles are applied in the second stage. This is accomplished by spreading mortar and grout as tiles are laid in sequence. The contractors will also likely set up a wet saw outside the residence to cut and trim the tiles. The new tiles are then left to set in place as the grout goes down.

Clean up, Curing, and Solidification 

Removing the waste and debris is the last activity of the project. Once the tiles are set, they need time to cure and solidify before the job can be considered complete. You should avoid walking on them for at least 48 hours after they’re laid. For the best tile installation services in your area call us today! Royal Countertops & Tile, your preferred contractor. 

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