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What You Need to Know about Wooden Countertops

Countertop installations are one of the more popular options available for kitchen remodeling projects. There are numerous options to choose from when it comes to available designs and materials, with wood being one of the more trending alternatives in the residential renovation market. Millions of homes across the country feature wooden countertops because of their versatility in appearance and design. 

Pros and Cons of Wooden Countertops 

Some of the primary benefits of wooden countertops include: 

  • Wooden countertops are not only affordable, but they represent great value for money when the price is compared to its featured attributes. With proper maintenance, wooden countertops can last for up to 15 years while costing a fraction of the price of other Jackson WY Countertops
  • The versatility of this material also allows for a wide scope of designs in terms of dimensions and appearance. Wood is easily malleable, meaning it doesn’t take too much to cut and shape it into the idea you have in mind. 
  • They’re also easy to maintain as most fixtures generally require regular cleaning and sealing of the surface. 

Some of the cons found with wooden counters include: 

  • They have a shorter lifespan compared to alternatives such as exotic stone and concrete. Poor-quality lumber can also significantly reduce expected longevity, which can be hard to identify without an expert. 
  • Wooden Jackson WY Countertops are also more fragile than stone alternatives, and don’t feature the same resistance levels to impact and heat. 

Maintaining Wooden Countertops 

As earlier mentioned, maintaining wooden countertops doesn’t require huge amounts of effort. The requirements involved are straightforward and in most cases won’t need any professional involvement. Some of the primary activities involved in the maintenance of these fixtures include: 

Opt For Natural Oil 

You’ll need to oil the surface of your counter regularly after its initial installation to enhance its longevity. Contractors used to recommend varnish for this particular need but natural mineral oils have grown in popularity in recent years. Natural oil offers better results in the long run as its application nourishes the lumber and isn’t just a layer of artificial chemicals designed to repel insects and act as an additional protective layer. 

Use Neutral pH Soap 

You should clean your counter regularly with some soap and warm water. Addressing any stain ASAP is also recommended when looking to make the job easier. The kind of soap you use is also an essential aspect to keep in mind. It’s important to avoid any acid-based soaps when cleaning your surface – as this can erode all the benefits provided by the mineral oil applied. 

Use a Cutting Board 

Avoiding regular impact on the surface with sharp objects is another effective means of prolonging the longevity of your counter. Using a cutting board instead of cutting items directly on the countertop’s surface is recommended when dealing with wooden fixtures. This can prevent the onset of grooves and notches from a knife’s blade. 

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