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When should you Retile your Bathroom?

The decision to retile your bathroom involves a variety of personal choices and the final layout will depend on your particular tastes and preferences. The potential costs involved can also make some homeowners a bit hesitant about instigating such a project. Some sure signs that you need to hire a professional for a Tile installation project include:

Uneven Grout

As your tiles age, the grout in between can gradually wear out as a result of constant exposure to running water. This deterioration can lead to water accessing the wall behind the tiles, leading to water damage or rot which might be difficult to identify immediately.

Diminished Aesthetics

If your tiles still appear slimy and discolored no matter how many times you give them a good scrubbing, it’s definitely time for a new set. In some cases, the tiles might develop stains that refuse to come off or simply fade into a distasteful hue that can’t be updated.

Breakages and Cracks

If there is visible damage to your tiles such as breakages and cracks, it’s time for a change. This by far is arguably the clearest sign there is when considering a change. If the damage is only in one sector, however, you might decide to focus on that region instead of conducting an entire overhaul. For the best tiling services in Jackson, call us today! Custom Royal Countertops and Tile, your preferred contractor!

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