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White or Black Countertops- Which is Better?

The white and the black countertops are the most used countertop colors. Various homeowners are employing different shades of these countertops.

When to Use White Countertops 

There is just one principle for using white countertops. You could either use them to contrast or complement an already dominant theme.

For instance, if the dominant theme is dark-colored (cabinets and tiles) then you could go for white countertops- contrast (white countertops on black background).

But if every other thing in the kitchen is also light-colored, and you still use white countertops- complement (white on white background).

This could fit into both contemporary as well as classic looks.

When to Use Black Countertops 

White and black are two sides of the same coin. So whatever principle you apply to the white countertops can also be applied to the black ones.

Black and gray pair wonderfully with white-colored as well as wood-themed settings. 

Among both of them, however, no one is absolutely better than the other. It all depends on how you want your kitchen to look.

If you are gunning for a brighter or “family” kitchen, white countertops are perfect. 

However black is the new black!! So if you want a more stylish or “single person” kitchen set up, black is perfect.

So for your perfect white or black countertops, call us today! Royal Countertops and Tile, your preferred contractor!

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