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Tile Installation

Working with Stone Tiles

Stone tiles are quickly gaining popularity in the residential and commercial remodeling markets. This alternative has gained traction because of its durability, flexibility, and aesthetics.

Choosing the Right Option

There are generally three popular options available when it comes to Jackson WY Tile Installation. Namely, exotic stones, bricks, and cement. Cement and bricks are more affordable than exotic stones due to the ease of their production. Exotic stones are available depending on the option involved. Italian white marble, for instance, wouldn’t be as available as generic quartz.

Installation Requirements

Technically, brick tiles are the simplest to lay. Prefabricated options can easily be placed on a driveway. Cement tiles might get a little tricky when it comes to the installation process. Ensuring they’re properly laid and remain on level ground is essential to the installation process. Exotic stones are perhaps the most difficult to work with and any installation should be conducted by a certified professional.

Aesthetic Potential

Both brick and exotic stone tiles are available in multiple hues and shades. Cement is generally available in different shades of gray when opting for the traditional option, but they can also be painted when looking to add a splash of color. If you would like further information on potential stone tile projects, call us today! Custom Royal Countertops and Tile, your preferred contractor!

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