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Top Countertop Trends in 2022

Countertops play a big role in the layout and design of your kitchen. The particular option you choose can determine the overall appearance of this room. If you’re thinking about undertaking a remodel, considering countertop alternatives is a crucial part of the process. Some of the leading trends in 2022 include: 

Waterfall Islands 

Waterfall island countertops are quickly gaining traction with kitchen remodels. These countertops make a 90˚ angle at one edge, reaching down to the floor. The angled aspect gives the countertop a sleek outline that works well with contemporary designs. 

Honed vs. Glossy 

Another primary factor concerning countertops is the overall finish involved with the surface. Honed designs have recently been in vogue and include matte finishes with a dulled shine. Glossy surfaces, on the other hand, hold a shine that’s supposed to capture the eye. Honed finishes work with natural stones, like marble, quartz, and granite. 

Contrasting Colors and Subtle Mosaics 

If your kitchen focuses on neutral hues involving bright colors, this approach might play a primary role in implementing a bespoke project. Hiring an experienced remodeling firm is crucial to chances of success. If you’re looking for an established remodeling company, call us today! Custom Royal Countertops and Tile, your preferred contractor!

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