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What to Consider when Tiling Your Bathroom

The bathroom is one of the highly essential areas of any house and its performance levels play a significant role in the overall functionality of a residence. Homeowners seeking to transform their abode generally start with this area when looking to improve the living standards of their household. There are numerous options to consider when dealing with space, and one of the most popular alternatives is tiling projects. Tiles have traditionally been considered the go-to option when it comes to bathrooms because of their ability to operate in wet areas. However, there are several aspects to consider when undertaking such a project. 

Some of the major elements to consider when adopting a Tile Installation project include: 

Choosing the Right Tile 

The first thing to consider is the best tile for your needs. There are multiple alternatives when it comes to this choice, and the best solution will depend on your particular needs. When working with a bathroom, it’s essential to pick a highly water-resistant option. This automatically negates several choices including wood, PVC, and linoleum as these materials perform terribly in wet areas. Ceramic and porcelain tiles are generally considered the best solutions when it comes to this part of the house. They are highly water-resistant, making them a wonderful alternative for a bathroom environment. Exotic stone, ceramic, and concrete are some other good options to consider. Another essential issue to consider with bathroom tiles is the size. As with most tile aspects, there are several options to choose from in this category. 12X12” is generally considered to be the standard size for most tiles, but there are numerous other alternatives including 10X10”, 12X24”, and 18X18”. Going for bigger tiles is a great way to shorten the installation process as they cover more square footage per tile. 

Hiring a Professional Contractor 

Many homeowners are tempted to undertake their Tile Installation project as a DIY to cut down costs. Generally speaking, tiling represents one of the more viable alternatives when it comes to DIY, and individuals with some experience have a good chance of doing a passable job. However, in some cases, leaving the job to the professionals is crucial to the potential success enjoyed with a venture. Areas such as bathrooms should always be left to established contractors because of the importance of the functionality of the space involved. Unlike areas such as the lounge and dining areas, tiling the bathroom can have no margin for error as even the slightest mistakes can have drastic results. Cases where the tile isn’t installed correctly can lead to issues such as rot, molding, and water damage. As such, hiring a professional installer is highly recommended to avoid any trouble in the future. Finding contractors specializing in bathroom tiling projects is a good strategy to implement when looking to enhance the potential results available. 

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