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What to Consider with Countertops

One of the first things to consider when thinking about a residential remodel is the best place to start. The kitchen represents one of the most popular options in this category, with numerous homeowners realizing the benefits of transforming this section of the house. If you’re looking for an effective and affordable means of transforming this space, countertop installations can represent a great solution for your needs. 

Some essential elements you should consider when browsing through your countertop options include: 

Size and Dimensions 

The first aspect to consider is the most appropriate size for your particular needs. These fixtures are available in a wide variety of shapes and designs, and you can choose from hundreds of options when it comes to style. If you’re integrating your counter for the sole purpose of aesthetics, then appearance might take the front foot with your decision. However, if your fixture will include a functional purpose, then aspects such as size and dimensions are crucial to your potential success. Most countertops feature a standard height of 36 inches and a width of between 25 to 28 inches when placed against the wall. Island countertops have more leeway depending on available space. They generally range between 25 and 50 inches on average. 

Material and Designs 

The next crucial aspect to consider with a counter installation project is the best material for your needs. As with shapes and sizes, there are numerous options to consider when browsing this section. Exotic stones have become a popular trend in recent years, with numerous homes seeking an effective means of instilling a sense of style in their kitchen. Jackson WY Granite Countertops has become a favorite with modern houses because of their chic appearance and durable nature. They’re also one of the more affordable alternatives when it comes to natural exotic stones. Butcher block countertops are also a wide favorite with homely settings with an active kitchen. These options are a great addition to farmhouse and country cottage settings, with multiple hues and designs to choose from. They’re more affordable than their exotic stone counterparts but can last for two decades or more with proper care and maintenance. Laminate counters are one of the more cost-effective alternatives in the market but aren’t as durable as exotic stone or butcher blocks. 

Installation Requirements 

Different counters will involve varying installation needs. A bespoke design, for instance, might require additional woodworking or stonework to ensure a perfect fit. The ease of the potential installation process will depend on aspects such as the material, design, and surroundings involved. Complicated materials such as Jackson WY Granite Countertops should be left to the professionals when dealing with bespoke solutions. These service providers will have the necessary tools and expertise required to avoid any costly mistakes. Wooden countertops, on the other hand, can be an excellent option when looking to approach your counter installation venture as a DIY. Any design involving electronic features should also be handled by qualified practitioners for safety purposes. Upgrades dealing with aspects such as electricity and plumbing will also likely need permits, which are better handled by established firms. 

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