The Benefits of Granite Countertops

A countertop can determine the stylistic direction of your kitchen. One of the growing trends in this sector is the reemergence of granite countertops. This natural stone was previously considered a luxury item but is now a common feature of many homes. 

Some of the benefits you can enjoy with Granite Countertops include: 


One of the reasons that granite has become such a popular material is its availability in the market, leading to lower prices. Granite is one of the more affordable options available with natural stone, especially when compared to alternatives like marble and Corian. In terms of quality, it represents the best value for money. 

Stain Resistant 

Granite countertops are essentially stain resistant, and their smooth surface can be easily cleaned of most blemishes. Soap and warm water can easily address any dirt on the surface. The durability of this material also makes it scratch-resistant and doesn’t easily chip or crack from impact. 

Heat Resistance 

Considering the nature of a kitchen’s environment, granite’s heat resistance can be a helpful attribute in preventing surface damage. The stone doesn’t easily scorch, although it’s still recommended that you avoid frequent direct contact with hot surfaces. For reliable countertop solutions at great rates, call us today! Custom Royal Countertops and Tile, your preferred contractor! …

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