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July 2023

Tile Installation on a Budget

Home remodeling is one of the biggest industries in the country as real estate valuation continues to grow in leaps and bounds. According to the Joint Center for Housing Centers (JCHS) at Harvard University, home remodeling ventures are projected to reach an estimated $485 billion by the end of 2023, signifying the popularity of these ventures. However, JCHS has also warned that there could be a possible lull in this industry as a result of varying factors including a rise in labor costs, dwindling home sales, and mortgage refinancing. These financial issues have meant that most people seeking to renovate their homes are working on a limited budget. 

One of the more popular home remodeling solutions in the market is Tile installation projects. This approach has gained traction in recent years because of its versatility and affordability compared to other alternatives. The actual cost of the project will depend on the particular approach taken by a homeowner. If you’re looking to mitigate the potential expenses involved, some methods you can implement include: 

Choosing the Right Material 

The particular tiles you choose will play a leading role in the potential expenses involved. Identifying budget-friendly options is a good way to keep costs down, but this approach should be taken with measured steps. Opting for the cheapest option available is never advisable, as such a strategy hardly ever ends well. As the adage goes, you get what you pay for. Porcelain and ceramic are two of the more affordable options in the market that will still offer quality with their implementation. Wooden tiles are also quite pocket-friendly but are not suitable for all environments including kitchens and bathrooms. 

Scour the Market for Solutions

Taking your time to go through the different options available in the market is another effective way of finding the best deal for your particular needs. Although the internet has simplified numerous searches in the commercial sector, there is a myriad of options available when it comes to home remodeling solutions – especially when it comes to tiling packages. Conducting in-depth research of suppliers in and around the area can ensure you don’t miss out on great deals that can significantly lower your budget. Focusing your search on wholesale suppliers is a good way to get quality Tile solutions at lower prices, or subsequently, you can also opt for undelivered orders that are generally provided at lower prices should a client fail to collect them. Designs that are considered old-fashioned can also be provided at lower prices as suppliers attempt to get rid of their stock before acquiring more modern designs. 

Implementing a DIY Approach 

Approaching the project as a do-it-yourself venture can reduce your overall budget when handled appropriately. However, it should be noted that this is generally successful for people with prior expertise and experience in tiling solutions. If you have no prior experience, you might end up making numerous mistakes that will only lead to more expenses as a result of needing extra material to redo …

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Stages of a Tile Installation Project

Tile installations are arguably one of the more popular solutions available for home remodeling projects. This approach is highly versatile and can be applied in any room of the house, as well as utilized outdoors. Another reason these fixtures have maintained their popularity over the years is their affordability compared to other alternatives in the market. 

A tiling project can transform a space in terms of aesthetics and functionality without draining a homeowner’s accounts in the process. If you have never undertaken a tile installation project before, familiarizing yourself with the primary stages involved can give you an idea of what to expect. 

Some of the key stages of a Jackson WY Tile Installation project include: 

Prepping the Space 

The prep stage involved with your tiling project will depend on the area involved. However, whether you’re dealing with floors or walls it’s essential to ensure that the surface is smooth and even. Accomplishing this objective might include activities such as sanding down the area, fixing any chips or cracks, and removing any nails, screws, or fittings jutting out of the area. Once you have an aligned surface, any dust and debris will be removed from the area before wiping it down clean. 

Applying Adhesive and Laying the Tile 

Once you have prepped the area, the next stage involves laying the tile. This process traditionally involved using mortar to stick the tiles in place. However, multiple adhesive products have been introduced into the market nowadays, allowing you to skip the stage of mixing the cement before application. Contractors will generally work on one section at a time because these adhesives tend to dry quickly. As such, applying the adhesive to an extensive space can lead to parts drying before the tile is laid. Starting the tiling process from the center and then working your way outwards is recommended to maintain uniformity. The tiles will need to be cut to fit along the edges of the room and in the corners. Integrating tile spacers is a good way to align the fixtures and ensure there is enough space for grouting. You should also make a point of cleaning any mortar or adhesive that leaks from the sides immediately as they’ll be extremely difficult to handle once dry. Peel-and-stick tiles are easier to install as the name suggests but don’t have the longevity of traditional Jackson WY Tile Installations. 

Applying Grout 

The primary purpose of grout is to fill the gaps between the tiles to seal the joints. Their application prevents the tiles from shifting over time, leading to them potentially cracking in the process. It also enhances the overall appearance of the project when applied properly. The grout is first pressed into the seams along the tiles before any excess amount is scraped off with a float. You can also use a grout sponge to remove any excess on the tile surface as well as smooth the seams. Homeowners can implement a grout with the same color as the tile or choose …

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Best Affordable Tiles for a Home Remodel

Remodeling your home represents an extensive project and there are numerous activities and options to consider. One of the primary aspects that have always affected this venture is the potential expenses involved. Unless you’re working with unlimited funds, the need to mitigate your budget is a fundamental necessity when looking to address a large part of your house. As such, finding a solution that’s not only versatile but pocket-friendly as well is essential to the areas you can cover with your remodel. 

Tile installations have gained popularity with home remodels because of their adaptability to different rooms, affordability, and extensive selection. There are a wide variety of Jackson WY Tile solutions you can choose from when looking to implement a remodeling project. Some of the favorites suggested by established contractors include: 

Ceramic Tiles 

Ceramic tiles are one of the more popular options when homeowners are looking to combine aesthetics with functionality. They also represent the epitome of versatility as these options can be used for flooring or wall projects. They come in a wide variety of colors and designs, allowing them to seamlessly integrate into any stylistic direction undertaken by a homeowner. Ceramic tiling is excellent for areas such as the kitchen where hygiene is extremely essential to the environment. The makeup of this material means that bacteria can’t grow on its surface, which is why it’s such a popular feature in hospital designs. They can be easily sterilized, ensuring maximum results when cleaning. Ceramic is also one of the more affordable options in the market and offers great value for money. 

Porcelain Tiles 

Porcelain is considered a very close relative to ceramic tiles because of their similarities, making it hard for amateurs to differentiate between the two. The primary difference between porcelain and ceramic tiles is their composition. Although both products are made from clay fired at high temperatures, porcelain consists of more refined clay that is exposed to higher temperatures during the firing process. As such, porcelain is generally considered an upgrade on ceramic – but there isn’t a significant gap between the two. It’s more durable than ceramic and like its counterpart, it comes in a wide variety of colors and styles. Porcelain is recommended for areas such as bathrooms because of its high water-proof levels. The refined clay combined with higher temperature levels in the kiln makes porcelain less porous than its ceramic counterpart. Its makeup also means that it’s more brittle than ceramic, which is a good way of identifying between the two. 

Cement Tiles 

Cement tiles have gained traction in the home remodeling market in recent years, although they have been present since the mid-1800s. They’re also known as hydraulic tiles, derived from their production process where the tiles are pressed via hydraulic compressors. They’re highly durable, making them ideal for outdoor projects such as your home’s walkway, roofing, or patio. With proper maintenance, cement tiles can last for up to 50 years. 

Hiring an established contractor is highly recommended when looking to ensure …

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What to Consider when Installing a Countertop

Integrating a new countertop into the kitchen setup can be a great way of enhancing the overall space. If it’s your first time undertaking such a venture, the whole process might seem a bit chaotic if you’re not sure of where to start. There are multiple issues to consider when installing a countertop, and preparation is key to the potential success of this project. Rushing into this venture without first familiarizing yourself with the key aspects involved with this activity is never advisable. It’s crucial to contain all excitement and consider all options available before committing to a decision. 

Some of the main aspects to consider when installing Countertops include: 

Optimal Size 

Kitchens have different needs and as such a one-size-fits-all approach can’t be implemented when installing a countertop suitable to your particular requirements. One of the first elements to consider when seeking an option that is compatible with your needs is the appropriate size. The space available in your kitchen is the first thing to keep in mind when choosing an adequate size. It’s crucial to ensure that the fixture you choose doesn’t cover excessive space, cramping the entire environment in the process. However, it should also be large enough to meet your particular needs such as a worktop for meal preparations, cooking space, or a dining section. An additional worktop, for example, can focus on length instead of width as items should be within easy reach of the cooking area. A dining area, on the other hand, would need to have adequate width to accommodate individuals and dishes without one diner encroaching on another person’s personal space. 

Functionality Over Aesthetics 

Many homeowners make the mistake of directing the majority of their attention toward the final appearance of the space without considering the issue of practicality. As much as a countertop can enhance the aesthetics of any kitchen, this is generally not its primary function. Any style or design that’s integrated into your kitchen should be suited to the primary purpose of the fixture. Laminate countertops, for instance, offer a wide variety of colors, while composite alternatives can even mimic different materials and textures. Both options, however, are not great alternatives for a cooking space as they’re not very resistant to heat and can easily chip or crack under constant pressure. The same can be said for marble Countertops when looking at exotic stones. Marble features high levels of class and elegance but is also quite delicate and can easily scratch or crack because of its softer surface. 

Hiring a Contractor Vs DIY 

One of the primary reasons that people choose to undertake a DIY project is to reduce potential expenses. But this isn’t always the case when dealing with complicated or crucial projects. Installing your countertop isn’t always as easy as it sounds, and individuals are liable to make multiple mistakes that can lead to increased costs. If you have never undertaken a counter installation before and have no experience with construction, hiring a professional represents your best …

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The Best Exotic Stone Countertops in the Market

One of the major elements to consider with a countertop installation project is the material best suited for the venture. The progress made in the countertop market has offered homeowners numerous options when it comes to this fixture. Whereas countertops were initially primarily viewed as wooden fixtures, individuals can transform their kitchens and bathrooms through multiple approaches. 

One of the more popular countertop materials trending in recent years is exotic stones. As the name suggests, exotic stones are natural rocks with unique features that enhance their aesthetic attributes. More and more homeowners are leaning towards these alternatives when it comes to countertops because of the multiple benefits they offer. 

Some of the best exotic stone countertops available in the market include: 

Granite Countertops

Granite Countertops are arguably one of the most popular countertop options available in this category. They’re available in a variety of hues ranging from light to dark shades and are also one of the more affordable options available in the market. One of the reasons it’s so popular is the availability of numerous options when it comes to style and design. From carbon gold, to pebble black, crystal yellow, and exotic brown, granite can easily blend with a myriad of color schemes. They also offer a durable working surface that is resistant to heat and mild to average levels of impact. 

Quartz Countertops 

Quartz counters have gained traction in recent years, especially with individuals seeking sturdy but classically elegant options for their worktops. This option is harder than granite but is relatively more affordable than its counterparts. It should be noted, however, that several factors will go into determining the price. Some options might cost more than Granite Countertops because of the manufacturing process involved with their production. Although quartz is less porous than granite giving it higher water-proof levels, it can be affected by excessive levels of heat. As such, using heating pads is recommended when dealing with hot pots and pans. Some of the more popular hues available with this option include whites, grays, and blacks. 

Marble Countertops 

Marble countertops are generally considered to be placed in the upper echelons of exotic stone countertops, and generally feature a price range that reflects this perception. However, it generally also offers great value for money as its attributes integrate superb levels of quality with breathtaking aesthetics. It should be mentioned that marble is a bit more delicate than granite, and like quartz, it doesn’t handle excessive heat very well. It’s easy to clean and doesn’t stain easily. Cutting and chopping activities shouldn’t be performed directly on the surface. Using a cutting board for such matters is advised. Marble countertops should be used for activities such as additional seating areas or dining sections. Their integration is based on enhancing the overall aesthetics of the area concerned. This option will chip or crack if it’s submitted to high levels of impact. It’s still more durable than other alternatives – such as composite and laminate counters. 

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Great Ways to Upgrade Your Countertop

The countertop is arguably one of the primary fixtures of any kitchen and its competency levels can play a large role in the overall effectiveness of this space. This feature has also evolved over the years to meet the needs of modern kitchens, with numerous design and upgrade solutions available in the market. It should be noted, however, that you don’t have to have to replace your countertop to get with the times. There are several ways you can upgrade your current counter instead of having to go out of pocket for a new one. 

Some effective means of upgrading your countertops include: 

Tile Installations 

A simple but effective way of transforming your countertop without undertaking a direct replacement is by installing tiles onto the original surface. This approach can help you turn laminate fixtures into Jackson WY Granite Countertops. It should be noted that not all surfaces are suitable for laying tiles. In some cases, you might need to sand down the area or strip the top layer before integrating your tiles. Concrete and smooth wood or composite counters generally offer more success with such projects. There are numerous tile options to choose from in this sector. Porcelain and ceramic are currently the top favorites for counters in the kitchen or bathroom because of their water-proof attributes and impressive durability. 

Adding Extensions 

If you’re looking for additional space in your working area, extending your current fixture instead of buying a bigger one can be a cost-effective means of accomplishing your objective. Depending on the particular kind of extensions you want to integrate, hiring a professional contractor to get the job done can be advisable. You can also integrate different materials with your extensions to mix and match the spaces with your design. A butcher block counter, for example, can be extended using Jackson WY Granite Countertops on both sides, giving a somewhat modern-retro vibe. It should be noted that when working with heavy materials such as stone, the extension will need additional support for it to be fully reliable. When dealing with materials such as wood or composite, the countertop’s overhang can be extended for a maximum of 15 inches before support is required. Using the same material is recommended when dealing with overhang extensions. 

Enhancing Light Coverage 

Adding extra light around your countertop is another great upgrade solution as it not only enhances visibility thus improving functionality, but can be manipulated to affect aesthetics and mood settings. There are several options available when it comes to this approach, and it’s crucial to ensure that your chosen method doesn’t inhibit designated sections should you be using your counter as a workspace. Some practical lighting solutions you can implement with this upgrade include installing LED strip lights along the edges of your counter or on the underside of cabinets that may be positioned over the fixture. You can also opt for ceiling solutions hung directly above the fixture or drill in an adjustable swing-arm lamp on the edges …

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What You Need to Know about Wooden Countertops

Countertop installations are one of the more popular options available for kitchen remodeling projects. There are numerous options to choose from when it comes to available designs and materials, with wood being one of the more trending alternatives in the residential renovation market. Millions of homes across the country feature wooden countertops because of their versatility in appearance and design. 

Pros and Cons of Wooden Countertops 

Some of the primary benefits of wooden countertops include: 

  • Wooden countertops are not only affordable, but they represent great value for money when the price is compared to its featured attributes. With proper maintenance, wooden countertops can last for up to 15 years while costing a fraction of the price of other Jackson WY Countertops
  • The versatility of this material also allows for a wide scope of designs in terms of dimensions and appearance. Wood is easily malleable, meaning it doesn’t take too much to cut and shape it into the idea you have in mind. 
  • They’re also easy to maintain as most fixtures generally require regular cleaning and sealing of the surface. 

Some of the cons found with wooden counters include: 

  • They have a shorter lifespan compared to alternatives such as exotic stone and concrete. Poor-quality lumber can also significantly reduce expected longevity, which can be hard to identify without an expert. 
  • Wooden Jackson WY Countertops are also more fragile than stone alternatives, and don’t feature the same resistance levels to impact and heat. 

Maintaining Wooden Countertops 

As earlier mentioned, maintaining wooden countertops doesn’t require huge amounts of effort. The requirements involved are straightforward and in most cases won’t need any professional involvement. Some of the primary activities involved in the maintenance of these fixtures include: 

Opt For Natural Oil 

You’ll need to oil the surface of your counter regularly after its initial installation to enhance its longevity. Contractors used to recommend varnish for this particular need but natural mineral oils have grown in popularity in recent years. Natural oil offers better results in the long run as its application nourishes the lumber and isn’t just a layer of artificial chemicals designed to repel insects and act as an additional protective layer. 

Use Neutral pH Soap 

You should clean your counter regularly with some soap and warm water. Addressing any stain ASAP is also recommended when looking to make the job easier. The kind of soap you use is also an essential aspect to keep in mind. It’s important to avoid any acid-based soaps when cleaning your surface – as this can erode all the benefits provided by the mineral oil applied. 

Use a Cutting Board 

Avoiding regular impact on the surface with sharp objects is another effective means of prolonging the longevity of your counter. Using a cutting board instead of cutting items directly on the countertop’s surface is recommended when dealing with wooden fixtures. This can prevent the onset of grooves and notches from a knife’s blade. 

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Best Countertop Materials in the Market

Installing a countertop in your kitchen is a great way to enhance the aesthetic levels of this space as well as improve overall functionality. However, it’s essential to ensure that the option you choose matches your practical needs and doesn’t only look good. Many people tend to be swayed by the appearance of a countertop’s design and tend to forget about its actual capability as a worktop. 

There are multiple elements to consider when it comes to identifying functional Countertops but at the top of that list is the primary material used for its construction. This aspect plays a significant role when it comes to determining suitability for a particular environment. Some of the best options available in this category include: 

Granite Countertops 

Exotic stone has progressed in leaps and bounds in terms of popularity and they have become a common feature with residential countertops. Granite is popular with modern designs because of its availability and wide selection of options. This natural stone offers multiple hues and veins across its surface, instilling a level of uniqueness with each slab. It’s also impressively durable and resistant to scratches and stains – making them an excellent option for an active workspace. With the right maintenance and care, granite counters can last an average of 50 years. The actual longevity will depend on aspects such as its quality, type, and grade. 

Quartz Countertops 

Quartz is another popular counter alternative that has taken over the remodeling market in recent years. Although it’s a tad bit more expensive than its granite counterpart, it’s also more durable. Studies have reported that this material is one of the hardest substances available, while its great abundance means that it’s easily available. Quartz is generally composed of silicon dioxide (SiO2) bonded by oxygen, forming a crystalline stone that ranges between different colors from milky white to light pink to midnight black. Many manufacturers grind quartz particles before bonding them with resins to enhance their durability. As such, most quartz countertops fall under the category of engineered stone. Quartz boasts the same longevity as granite and can last for over 5 decades with proper care. 

Butcher Block Countertops 

Butcher block countertops are significantly more affordable than exotic stone but also feature impressive levels of durability. These wooden fixtures are made from multiple species but most suppliers are partial to hardwoods such as oak, maple, and walnut because of their natural durability. Softwoods like pine and poplar can also be implemented with these counters but are less durable than their hardwood counterparts. They can also be manufactured from reclaimed wood, making them an eco-friendly solution. Depending on the species and quality of the wood, butcher block counters can last for over 30 years with proper maintenance. It should be mentioned that this option is less durable than exotic stone and features higher maintenance needs than their pricier countertop alternatives. However, these maintenance activities will not require herculean efforts to accomplish. You can simply wipe down the surface with warm water …

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Finding the Right Contractor for Your Countertop Installation

One of the primary issues to consider when undertaking a countertop installation project is whether to hire a professional to get the job done or handle the venture as a DIY. Contrary to popular belief, a do-it-yourself project doesn’t always represent the most cost-effective solution. Deciding between a contractor or relying on your skills isn’t something to be taken lightly. In many cases, it’s easier to transfer the responsibility to an experienced party with the right tools and know-how to guarantee results. 

Whether you’re dealing with Granite Countertops or butcher blocks, hiring an established contractor is crucial to your chances of success. Some of the issues you should keep in mind when choosing a contractor include: 


According to Jackson Wyoming statutes, all contracting firms are required to have at least one person in their employ with a master certificate of qualification (COQ) card related to the practice license acquired. Such licenses can only be considered valid while the cardholder is an employee of the business. This means that while any individual can manage contracting firms, their firm’s license can only be valid if they have one or more people in their workforce with a registered COQ card. Having the lead contractor you’ll be working with be one of the company’s cardholders is recommendable when looking to ensure chances of success. The general contracting licenses available in Jackson, Wyoming include Class A for general work, Class B for commercial and multi-dwelling residential projects, Class Br for non-structural work, townhouses, and Class C for one and two-family houses as well as access buildings. 

Conducting Face-to-face Interviews 

Because you’re going to be working with your contractor for an extended period, meeting them beforehand is recommended before committing to any binding agreement. It’s worth noting that the person you initially consulted about your project might not be the same person who’s assigned to the venture. Many online commercial platforms have developed instant messaging applications managed by AI systems. However, the potential working relationship you’ll have with the foreman can affect the overall experience connected to the project. A poor working relationship can lead to fragile egos, testy moods, and small disagreements that will consistently delay progress – potentially enhancing the expenses involved.

Focus on Experience 

The kind of countertop you opt for might also help you decide on a suitable alternative. If you’re intent on Granite Countertops, for instance, finding a contractor with experience in exotic stone is a primary prerequisite that should be included in your search. This particular material isn’t only more expensive than many of its other counterparts but can be quite difficult to cut and shape with accuracy. As such, individuals with little experience in this sector represent a higher chance of mistakes. It’s also important to ask for recent references connected to your particular needs to ensure their capability. Some contractors may be comfortable lying about their skill levels regarding a project if there’s a risk of them losing out on a client. 

For reliable, high-quality …

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Countertop Installation on a Budget

Installing a countertop in your kitchen can bring about massive changes if handled appropriately. One of the elements that make many homeowners a bit hesitant when it comes to this addition is the potential expenses involved. However, there are several strategies one can implement when looking to undertake this project with a limited budget. Some effective ways you can mitigate the costs of your countertop installation include: 

Keeping the Design Simple 

There are numerous Jackson WY Countertops available in the market and the design you choose can have a direct impact on the overall budget expended. Integrating a straightforward approach with any bespoke model you might choose can significantly lower your costs. Simple designs like concrete with no additional frills will also allow you to take the project up as a DIY – negating additional labor expenses in the process. If you’re intent on adding a countertop with upgrades such as sockets, a sink, or an extra cooking area – the expenses involved with including these features into the design will also significantly raise the final price. You can also choose to replace your bespoke solutions with mass-produced alternatives provided at wholesale prices. 

Scour the Market for Deals 

According to Fortune Business Insights, the countertop industry is projected to experience a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 2.8%, forecasting the industry’s value to surpass $100 billion by 2027. This reflects the massive competition that’s present in the Jackson WY Countertops market. Taking your time to go through the contractors available in your region is a simple but effective way of identifying seasonal deals and payment plans that suit your particular financial needs. Purchasing your supplies during the off-season such as late fall or early winter is a good strategy when looking for discounted rates, as most people tend to do their remodeling during the warmer times of the year. This means that more suppliers will be willing to offer their products at lower prices during the colder months. 

Picking the Right Materials 

Although identifying an affordable countertop might seem like a straightforward solution to managing your budgetary woes, implementing this strategy is not as simple as one might think. The worst mistake a buyer could make when considering this approach is targeting the cheapest offer available in the market. In such cases, the adage you get what you pay for should serve as a warning. Instead of focusing on the price of a counter, one should concentrate on the value for money on offer. Composite wood, for instance, might be significantly more affordable than granite countertops – but it doesn’t last anywhere near as long as exotic stone. As such, you might need to replace your countertop every 10 to 15 years when working with composite countertops, whereas granite can last for over five decades. Exotic stone also exhibits impressively higher levels of durability when compared to many alternatives, reducing the level of maintenance needed for upkeep. 

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