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June 2023

Tile Installation on a Budget

According to a report published in Statista in 2019, the rate of tile consumption in the market was forecasted to grow in a gradual but consistent positive trajectory. This was due to the increase in the popularity of this decor solution in both commercial and domestic settings. By 2021, a Statista report published by researcher M. Garside stated that the worldwide consumption of tile textiles had reached an astonishing 18.2 billion square meters. 

Although the popularity of Jackson WY Tile installers has risen in stock in recent years, clients are still concerned about the potential expenses involved when undertaking such a venture. Some effective ways you can initiate a tile installation on a budget include:

Affordable Material Alternatives 

There are numerous options to choose from when it comes to tiling materials. Porcelain and ceramic tiles are arguably two of the more popular options available in the world, with millions of units sold each year. The average cost of porcelain and ceramic tile installation in the USA depends on several aspects such as its placement and the grade involved. Exterior installations can cost between $14 and $80 per square foot, while interior projects average between $13 and $60 per square foot. It should be noted that these numbers include additional expenses such as labor and other logistics. Wooden tiles cost an average of $3 to $6 per square foot, depending on the type of lumber involved. The overall cost will total between $10 to $18 per square with the addition of labor. Reclaimed wood can be sourced at $2 to $4 per square foot. It’s essential to note that the kind of lumber you choose for your tiles will play a significant role in their longevity. Opting for hardwoods is recommendable when working on a floor tiling project. 

Source your Supplies 

Although undertaking a DIY approach with an extensive project is not advisable without prior experience, sourcing your supplies can be a good way to bring the overall cost down. Looking for specific categories like designs that are now considered outdated and have been discontinued and orders that were produced and never delivered can be a great strategy if you’re willing to mix and match your options. You can also target direct suppliers who offer wholesale prices for their products. As long as you have enough time on your hands and are willing to keep an open mind, you’re likely to come across multiple solutions that suit your particular needs. It’s also important to steer away from bespoke solutions and target mass-produced options. Customized solutions are always going to represent a significant investment when looking for quality, while production tiles from established manufacturers maintain an acceptable standard without raising their prices. 

Consider the Most Appropriate Size 

The particular dimensions involved with your Jackson WY Tile project can also play a significant role in the overall expenses. Generally speaking, the cost of larger tiles such as 24X24 per unit is more expensive than alternatives such as 12X12. However, buying smaller tiles in …

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What to Consider with a Tile Installation Project

There are numerous alternatives available when it comes to home renovation projects, and one that has maintained popularity for decades is tile installation projects. This approach offers a multitude of solutions as its versatility ensures it can be implemented in almost any area of the house. Whether you would like a section of Michaelangelo’s Sistine chapel on your ceiling or are looking for an elegant quartz accentuation for your kitchen – there’s likely a tiling project to meet your needs. 

Some of the major elements you’ll need to consider with a Tile Installation project include: 

DIY vs. Hiring a Professional 

One of the first elements you’ll need to consider when looking to implement a tiling project is whether to handle the project as a DIY or have a professional address the venture on your behalf. Firstly, it should be stated that any major project involving significant sections of the house you’re working on should be addressed by a professional no matter your prior experience. This rule of thumb holds true especially when the tiling project is connected to a commercial venture. If you’re working on smaller areas of your house, approaching the matter as a DIY might not come with very dire consequences. It should be noted that in situations like these, practice makes perfect, so having someone with some sort of expertise on the subject is recommended.

When taking on a DIY project, you and/or your renovation partner should preferably have some experience with similar projects in the past, as well as access to a majority of the tools needed to handle the tiles. You can also choose to rent instead of buy any tools you don’t have to mitigate costs. Installing a backer board is crucial in ensuring the tiles are laid on a flat surface. A popular alternative in this category is a thin composite of fiberglass mesh and concrete. It’s essential to ensure the backer boards are cut to ensure they fit just above the studs and joists. It’s also essential to caulk the edges of the wall and let the tiles lie for at least 12 hours before walking over them. 

Tile Installation Adhesive vs. Concrete Mortar 

The second crucial element to consider is what bonding agent to use with your tiles. The two primary options available in this category are chemical adhesives and concrete mortar. Your final choice will depend on several factors, including experience and any planned reinstallations in the near future. Cement has long been the traditional option for installers around the world, as it’s easily sourced and more affordable. 

Adhesive agents, however, are just as reliable and easier and cleaner for amateurs to use. It’s also easier to handle when working on a reinstallation. Settling for adhesive bonding agents is also advisable for interior decor projects considering the potential debris involved with concrete. Mixing concrete also requires a level of know-how to acquire the right ratio of cement and water to ensure it forms an effective bonding agent. Most adhesive …

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Affordable Tiling Solutions in 2023

Investing in a tile installation project is a great way to enhance the aesthetics of your home and boost its potential resale value. If you’re looking to initiate an extensive project with your installation, finding an effective way of mitigating the potential costs involved is crucial when working with a restricted budget. 

Some useful tips you can implement when working with a limited Tile budget include: 

Peel and Stick Alternatives 

One of the most straightforward ways of maintaining a low budget with a tile installation project is opting for the classic peel-and-stick approach. These kind of tiles are arguably one of the more affordable alternatives in the market, and the introduction of 3D solutions have allowed for numerous options when it comes to artistic designs. Depending on the quality of the product, this option can last between 5 and 20 years. It’s crucial to remember that longevity will be affected by elements such as the environment, level of foot traffic involved, and quality of the product. 

Restricting Square Footage Covered

Another direct means of mitigating your potential expenses with a tiling project is limiting the actual coverage involved. It’s worth noting that you can install a tiling design that utilizes its surroundings without necessarily having to spread itself across a significant area of the space. You can implement a walkway to the house with a criss-cross design that features manicured patches in between. You can also choose to use your tiling setup as a centerpiece by placing it in the middle of the intended space, implementing a bright mosaic design that pops out from its background. If you have more tiles to spare you can choose to implement your tile installation centerpieces on the four corners of your space instead of just the middle.  

Scour the Market for the Right Opportunity 

As simple as it sounds, taking the time to go through multiple opportunities in the market before making a final decision is crucial to your chances of success. Centering your search around wholesale providers, for instance, is an advisable strategy as they are guaranteed to supply their products at a lower fee which is then hiked up by retailers in the market. Seeking opportunities such as Tile clearance sales is another useful prerequisite that can be used in your search when seeking affordable solutions. It’s essential that these offers, however, come from established providers to ensure you’re not being conned into purchasing subpar fixtures. Many contractors tend to offer their exterior products on sale during colder periods such as late autumn and winter. 

Mix and Match Different Tiles 

If you’re working on an extensive area you might want to think about mixing and matching different options to suit the area being covered. Choosing bright-colored porcelain tiles for your bathroom, for instance, will be significantly cheaper than exotic stone but will still be suitable for areas with light traffic and regular exposure to high moisture levels. Wooden or composite tiles are also a great option for the lounge area, while …

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Identifying a Reliable Tiling Contractor

Hiring a contractor is always an advisable approach to take when seeking to ensure quality results. Choosing the right candidate for your needs is not always as straightforward as some might think. There are numerous below-average service providers or straight-up con men looking for an unwitting homeowner to swindle out of their hard-earned funds. Knowing what to expect from an established Jackson WY Tile Installation contractor can help you separate the wheat from the chaff when looking for a reliable service in your region. Some effective ways of identifying a reliable contractor include: 

Always Insist on Physical Offices 

Opting for candidates with an established physical location can be a good place to start when seeking a reliable contractor. Many con men will not go to the absolute extremes when seeking to develop a temporary profile and as such will likely not take the time to rent out a set of offices. Confirming your candidates’ headquarters will also give you a firsthand experience of what to expect from their potential services. It should not be hard to get information regarding office location and operational hours when dealing with an established service provider. The office should be big enough to accommodate their workforce as well as store their equipment, as well as represent a professional setting.

Ask for a License 

All valid contractors should be registered with the local administration that governs their area of operations. Jackson WY Tile Installation contractors, for example, should be registered with the local Jackson authorities. Contractors can accomplish this by logging onto the government’s online platform and filling in the necessary registration forms. The type of licensing involved will also determine their capabilities in terms of services provided. A Class Br license, for instance, will limit the number of areas they can work on when compared to a Class B alternative. A General Contractor Class A license, on the other hand, allows for the repair, construction, and alteration of any building. Your contractor will also need a plumbing, gas, and electric license to address any of these features with their installation. Finding individuals with a Class A license and above is recommended when dealing with an extensive tile installation project. You can generally find out the kind of license a candidate has by asking to see their Certificate of Qualification (COQ). You can also confirm license numbers offered by contractors through several online databases provided for this purpose. 

Request Verifiable References 

It’s crucial to look into the past few projects completed by a candidate in the past year or less. These projects must have been completed in under a year, as any older references are not a fair estimate that accounts for any potential change in the workforce. The contractor should be able to give you at least four to five references that you can personally contact. Always make a point of proceeding with the verification process to ensure the validation of their credentials. 

For the best tile installation services in Wyoming, call us today! Custom …

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Choosing the Right Tiles for your Remodeling Project

Tile installation has grown in leaps and bounds regarding its popularity with remodeling projects. The numerous options available in terms of size, shape, and design means it can be implemented in a multitude of styles. There are several things you should take into consideration when looking to identify a suitable solution for your particular tiling needs. 

Some of the primary things to keep in mind when initiating a Jackson WY Tile installation project include: 

Finding the Right Material for your Needs 

There are numerous options available when it comes to tiling material. However, not every alternative represents a suitable solution for your particular needs. If you’re working on an exterior project, for instance, then wooden tiles should generally be avoided. Grade 1 porcelain, on the other hand, can be a great solution for bathroom or kitchen walls, but might not be the best approach for any flooring project in a communal area. Any area with potentially heavy-duty traffic should be approached with durable alternatives such as exotic stone, concrete, and red clay bricks. Glass tiles are an excellent interior option that can function wonderfully as a centerpiece along one of the hallways or lounge walls. Implementing a mosaic presentation with glass is a great means of enhancing aesthetics. Most tiles including glass, ceramic, porcelain, and exotic stone are available in different grades and it’s crucial to find the right bracket for your specific needs. Generally speaking, grade 1 tiles usually represent the lowest level of strength, while 4 and above are the strongest and most durable. Any area with heavy floor traffic should be addressed with at least grade 3 tiles or above. 

Request a Documented Estimation 

An effective means of identifying an established tiling contractor that’s unlikely to overcharge for their services is by requesting a documented estimation with your query. Having any potential candidate document their financial offer on an official record ensures that their businesses are transparent and trustworthy. The estimation should be delivered via an official medium that recognizes the contractor as the sender and can include an official email address or registered telephone number. A documented estimation is a good way to ensure any potential expenses don’t experience a sudden rise and technically locks the party concerned to a pre-agreement that can turn negotiations in your favor. You can also use these documents to help you find a better deal while perusing through your options in the market. 

Plan your Tiling Project during the Off-peak Season 

Spring and summer are the peak periods for tile installation projects. This is due to the friendly weather generally associated with these seasons, featuring reduced rainfall and warmer weather. As such, most homeowners will plan to conduct any tiling renovation during these two seasons to enhance their chances of a more accommodating environment. These seasons also tend to have several holidays during their months, making it easier for homeowners to schedule the renovation when they are free to supervise the process. 

If you’re looking for lower prices, …

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Affordable Countertop Solutions

Installing a countertop during your kitchen remodel is a great way to enhance the overall aesthetics of your kitchen, as well as boost its overall functionality. There are numerous designs to choose from and their inclusion can greatly transform the area involved. One of the aspects that make people a bit hesitant about integrating this fixture into their project is the potential price involved. Many people tend to hold back when it comes to this matter, especially when they’re working with a restricted budget. 

Some crucial elements you should keep in mind when seeking affordable solutions for your Countertops include: 

Recycled Products 

Opting for reclaimed products is a good way of keeping costs down. Contrary to popular belief, there are a wide variety of options to choose from, and your reclaimed products don’t have to simply be made of lumber or PVC. Recycled glass and aluminum, for instance, are great options for individuals seeking class and quality. You can also purchase Granite Countertops if you would like a mix of elegance and durability. Options such as recycled glass and reclaimed wood come in a wide variety of hues, textures, and composites, ensuring buyers have an extensive scope of designs to choose from – allowing for the implementation of multiple stylistic directions. 

Prefabricated Solutions 

Prefabricated Granite Countertops are ready-made fixtures that are delivered ready to install. Prefabricated fixtures are arguably the most numerous options available in the market, as manufacturers tend to mass-produce the fixtures. They generally come in a myriad of designs ensuring there’s something for everybody. Going for a direct producer instead of a retail provider is an effective way of further lowering the potential prices enjoyed. These individuals are likely to sell their products at wholesale prices or offer package deals with their logistic services. 

DIY Concrete Countertops 

If you’re thinking about undertaking a DIY approach with your countertop installation, going for a concrete mold is one of the best alternatives in the market. Although there are several areas where you can acquire your concrete, choosing a reliable provider with valid experience in the market is essential. It’s crucial to take the time to go through the different alternatives in the market before making your final decision. Taking measurements at least twice when making your mold is recommendable, and you should preferably make more than one frame to account for any potential margin for error. Next, you need to design your cutouts and build a support frame for your mold. It’s essential to ensure that you consider the side pieces with your measurements to ensure it’s a good fit. Ensure the concrete should settle on a debris-free area to ensure a smooth surface. 

Adding a support frame to your outer mold is a crucial part of ensuring it can be handled with ease. A common mistake that should be avoided is attaching the mold itself to the support frame. You can use two planks of 2X4s that are connected and the mold lying within the framework. We …

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Improving the Workspace on your Countertop

Your countertop is arguably the primary fixture of your kitchen and focusing on this section can determine the stylistic direction of this room. It’s also an effective means of enhancing your available workspace. Depending on your approach, there are several options you can choose from. It’s essential to ensure that you don’t place aesthetics over functionality. 

Some great ways you can enhance the workspace on your Jackson WY Countertops include:

Integrating Shelf Risers 

A great means of adding to your countertop’s capacity is through the integration of shelf risers against the wall or screwed at the end of the counter. Integrating a design with a covered back is advisable when working with a counter that is not set against the wall to ensure things don’t accidentally fall over when placed in a rush. Choosing more than one set and placing them one over the other is a good way to enhance available storage space. 

Installing an Island Countertop 

Placing an additional island countertop is another effective means of enhancing the workspace available in your kitchen. There are numerous designs to choose from ensuring you can find alternatives that blend into different spaces. You can choose a design with several curvatures to allow the fixture to cover a maximum amount of space. In such cases, these curves not only enhance aesthetic appeal but improve the safety levels available, especially in a household with toddlers running around the rooms. Implementing countertops with right angles can be risky should one of the children run into it when playing their games. Island Jackson WY Countertops can also come with additional storage solutions by placing the counter over a set of cabinets or integrating the bottom space with shelving space.

Covering the Sink Area 

Covering the sink with a board over the gap is an effective way to add to the workspace of your counter. You can accomplish this with large cutting boards that can be used as a cooking space or for placing pans and cutlery. You can choose to implement a more permanent solution by attaching hinges to the cutting board on one end to give it an in-swinging ability. Light plastic alternatives should be considered when implementing a permanent approach. A wooden block will require extra attention when placed in an area like a sink with constant exposure to water. You can also implement recycled products and opt for a pull-out design to save space. 

Extending your Counter Along the Walls 

Extending your countertop along the walls is a great way of adding extra workspace without causing too much clutter with your general floor plan. If your counter is backed up against a wall, you can install additional square footage on either side, implementing a right-angled turn when you get to the corners of the room. Your extensions should be adequately placed to represent a streamlined formation with the original fixture. Hiring an established contractor plays a significant role in the potential success you can enjoy, so call us today! Custom Royal …

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Maintaining a Butcher Block Countertop

One of the primary issues to consider with a countertop installation is the best material for your particular needs. There are multiple options to choose from in this category, and finding the right alternative for your intended purpose is crucial to your chances of integrating an efficient solution with your endeavor. If you plan on using this fixture as an additional workspace instead of a simple aesthetic centerpiece, butcher block countertops represent a perfect solution, serving as a cross between a statement piece and a functional worktop. 

As dependable as butcher block countertops are in terms of durability and longevity, it’s crucial to ensure that you play your role in ensuring these attributes are a mainstay with your fixture. Some effective maintenance strategies you can implement with your butcher block counter include:

Regular Cleaning 

All Jackson WY Countertops should be cleaned regularly as part of their maintenance. This is one of the easiest and most effective ways of maintaining the quality and functionality of this fixture, not to mention encouraging adequate levels of hygiene. Wiping down your butcher block with some warm water and soap after use is highly recommended, and will only take a few seconds and hardly any energy. You should rinse the surface with a wet clean cloth or sponge after the initial wipe-down to remove the remnants of soap. You can scrub the surface with a bristled brush when dealing with stubborn stains that are not receptive to a more delicate approach. It’s essential to ensure that you don’t saturate the counter with water and you wipe the area dry after soaping it up and rinsing it off, to avoid any potential water damage. You can use vinegar for more mulish blemishes. 

Applying a Sealant 

Another effective means of protecting your counter’s surface is by applying a suitable sealer. There are several options available in the market, and choosing an effective solution is crucial to your chances of success. Using mineral oil represents a great alternative for individuals looking for a nontoxic approach because of children in the house. You will first need to apply the mineral oil regularly at the start to ensure that the wood soaks sufficient amounts of the sealer. After regular application in the first one or two years, you can then ease up on the amount you use, but you should never stop using it completely. When applying generous mounts at the beginning, it’s advisable to let the sealant settle for a few minutes to give it time to soak into the wood. Afterward, you can wipe off the excess oil with a soft towel. Mineral oil not only serves as a protective cover for your counter but also gives it an attractive sheen that significantly enhances aesthetics. 

Implementing Cutting Boards

One of the primary elements to consider when choosing a counter is the practicality of the solution. Quartz and marble, for instance, are great aesthetic solutions but can also be quite delicate. Implementing a dedicated workspace via inbuilt cutting …

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Countertop Installation on a Budget

A countertop installation is one of the best ways to transform your kitchen, enhancing aesthetics, functionality, and practicality. The potential pricing of such an endeavor has made a few homeowners a bit hesitant about integrating this venture into their remodel, but installing this fixture doesn’t have to involve significant funds. Several strategies can be implemented when looking to undertake this venture on a mitigated budget, while still enjoying sufficient levels of quality.

Some helpful tips you can integrate when looking to take on a countertop installation on a budget include:

Choosing the Right Material

Several countertop materials in the market are available at budget-friendly prices and exhibit suitable levels of quality and longevity. Jackson WY Granite Countertops, for instance, are a great option when seeking a reliable alternative in the exotic stone category. It is more affordable than options such as marble and offers similar levels of quality and longevity. Laminate countertops aren’t as durable as exotic stone, but considering their price range, they still represent great value for money. Butcher blocks are one of the more popular countertops in residences as they’re arguably an excellent cross between aesthetics and functionality. 

Market Suppliers

Where you source your countertop will also play a major role in the potential cost of this endeavor. Retrieving this fixture from an established wholesale supplier is a good way to keep expenses down as they generally offer better prices with their services. Established contracting firms are also likely to get a discount with the purchase of this fixture because of their network of connections that allow for friendlier prices. An individual, on the other hand, will be charged at market value – which can be quite expensive when dealing with retail suppliers.

Prefabricated Alternatives 

A good way to keep costs down with a countertop installation is by choosing readymade solutions. A bespoke solution might be an attractive consideration, especially when looking to personalize the kitchen to meet your specific needs. However, such an approach will generally involve significant funds when looking for quality results. There are numerous designs available in the market, so going for a prefabricated product will in no way limit your potential options. Acquiring prefabricated Jackson WY Granite Countertops, for example, will not involve additional costs such as manufacturing costs, tools, and materials. 

Promotional Offers 

Increased competition in the contracting industry has led to multiple established firms offering various promotional packages featuring reduced prices or additional services as a means of attracting clients and staving off competition. It’s advisable to take your time when going through the various offers available in the market to ensure that you have identified the best possible deal for your needs. Seeking the cheapest option you can find, however, isn’t recommended, and all packages should be carefully considered before committing to a final decision. A good rule of thumb is to focus solely on attractive offers that are provided by established firms in the industry. Conducting additional research on the candidates you have identified to evaluate their …

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Granite vs. Marble Countertops

Countertops have been a mainstay in kitchen design for decades now. The inclusion of this fixture greatly enhances the functionality of this area, providing multiple benefits upon their introduction. However, homeowners need to choose a reliable option when looking to enjoy optimal results. One of the major elements to consider when undertaking a countertop installation project is the best material for your needs. 

If you’re looking for a stylish but practical solution for your countertop venture, opting for exotic stone can be a good way to go. There are several options you can choose from in this category, with granite and marble Countertops representing two of the more popular alternatives in the market. 

Granite Countertops 

Granite is arguably one of the most popular options in the market when it comes to affordable exotic stone solutions. Its popularity has been further enhanced by the fact that this material is available in several grades, hues, textures, and most importantly price ranges. This exotic stone is also impressively heat resistant and features minimal maintenance requirements. Available colors range from light to dark hues depending on the type of granite involved, and it generally exhibits a granular surface with veins, flecks, or traditional solid patterns. The appearance of the stone will depend on the source of origin. 

Professionals recommend sealing your countertop at least once every year to enhance longevity and provide additional cover against elements such as moisture and stains. One of the few downfalls of this option is that it can be susceptible to scratches and chipping when handled without care. This means that this alternative might not be the best fixture for a regularly busy kitchen with numerous activities taking place. A stone epoxy can effectively repair most scratches and small chips. Granite, however, represents a more durable alternative compared to its marble counterpart. 

Marble Countertops 

Marble Countertops can arguably be viewed as the more elegant alternative of the two. As such, it features a slightly higher price range in the market when compared to granite. It generally features a smooth texture with several veins across the surface. Its appearance will largely depend on its composition, with popular options including quartz-based and serpentine marble. This stone is generally available in variations of black and white. Marble is also more delicate than granite alternatives and is more porous. Extra strong sealants should be applied with this material and acidic components such as lemon juice and chili sauce should be wiped immediately should they be spilled to ensure they don’t etch into the surface. 


Both granite and marble can be notoriously difficult to work with and as such hiring a professional to handle the installation process is advisable. Although both alternatives are resistant to heat, one should make a point of avoiding placing red hot cookware directly onto the surface. If you plan on using your countertop regularly, choosing granite is recommendable as it represents the more durable alternative between the two. For the best granite and marble countertop solutions, call us …

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