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August 2022

Professional Tile Installation vs. DIY

Remodeling projects are a great way to enhance the resale value of your home and represent a great return on investment. One of the more affordable solutions available with such ventures is tile installations. These fixtures can greatly enhance aesthetics and are easy to maintain. One of the primary decisions involved with tiling projects is whether to conduct the venture as a DIY or hire a professional. 

The Do It Yourself Approach 

DIY is only advisable when dealing with simple tiling projects where quality isn’t a significant requirement. If you’re working on a backsplash, for example, you might not necessarily have to hire a professional to work on such a small surface area. Any potential mistakes with such a Tile project aren’t likely to require significant expenses to address, so a DIY approach can be considered an acceptable risk. 

Professional Remodeling Services 

Any major tiling work should be handled by a professional. If you’re dealing with large sections such as entire rooms or wall space, having an expert take on the responsibility is crucial to your chances of success. Hiring an established contractor provides you with a financial safety net in case of any costly mistakes that might happen during the venture. We offer reliable, quality tiling services in Jackson, so call us today! Custom Royal Countertops and Tile, your preferred contractor!…

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Best Tiles in the Market

Tile installation projects are a great way to enhance the aesthetics of your home. One of the primary elements you’ll need to consider when undertaking this venture is the materials best suited for your project. Your final decision can significantly influence the quality available with the results. 

Some of the best options available with a Jackson WY Tile Installation project include: 

Ceramic Tiles 

Ceramic tiles are arguably one of the most popular options in the market because of their durability, versatility, and affordability. These options can be integrated with multiple stylistic directions and are available in numerous designs. Ceramic tiles are a common feature in sections such as the bathroom, kitchen, and entryways. 

Glass Tiles 

Glass tiles have grown in popularity with homeowners looking to instill a sense of elegance with their installation. Interior designers have defined this option as a means of integrating minimalist aesthetics, keeping it simple while promoting a distinctive sophistication. 

Marble Tiles 

Marble tiles are the frontrunners when it comes to natural stone alternatives. These options are one of the more costly options available in the market, but they represent great value for money. It’s an excellent insulator, highly durable, and has a tendency to reflect natural light. If you’re seeking quality tiling solutions for your remodel needs, call us today! Custom Royal Countertops and Tile, your preferred contractor!…

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Benefits of Tile Installation

Tile installation projects have grown in popularity over the years, as they offer various options in terms of materials, hues, dimensions, and designs. If you’re considering a remodeling venture, instigating a tile installation project can offer you a wide variety of stylistic choices. 

Some of the benefits you can enjoy with a Jackson WY Tile installation project include: 

Wide Variety of Designs 

Tiles come in multiple forms and formats. If you’re looking to add a splash of color to your home, you can opt for bright-colored alternatives or take it a step further with mosaic designs or vibrant patterns that catch the eye. You can also move away from the traditional square shapes and choose more attractive alternatives such as pentagons or thin rectangles.


Tiles are likely to last longer than a simple paint job. These fixtures are generally resistant to moisture, and quality alternatives don’t easily break or crack under pressure. This is valuable when dealing with flooring solutions for areas that experience regular traffic. 

Easy Maintenance 

Tiles are one of the easier fixtures to maintain when it comes to decor alternatives. Regular sweeping and mopping them once a week is enough to keep them clean. You can also apply a sealer once every few years to enhance their longevity. If you’re seeking reliable tiling solutions for your remodel, call us today! Custom Royal Countertops and Tile, your preferred contractor!…

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Countertop Installation on a Budget

One of the aspects that make people hesitant about undertaking a countertop installation project is the potential expenses involved. However, you don’t always have to pay an arm and a leg for a countertop. There are several strategies you can implement to keep the budget down. Some of these include: 

Keep it Simple 

You mustn’t go overboard with your countertop design when working on a budget. Targeting prefabricated designs is a good place to start, as custom designs will be significantly more expensive. Traditional rectangle alternatives will also likely be more affordable than designs with unique curvatures. 

Affordable Quality Materials 

Going for the cheapest option available in the market is never an advisable approach to take. However, there are a few alternatives that represent adequate quality and good value for money. Butcher block and composite counters, for instance, are available at pocket-friendly prices and can last for 10 to 15 years. 

Scour the Market for Deals 

Multiple contractors offer a variety of attractive financial packages to attract new clients. Taking the time to browse through the different options available in the market can help you find an alternative that fits your budget. For the best countertop solutions in Wyoming, call us today! Custom Royal Countertops and Tile, your preferred contractor!…

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Choosing a Kitchen Counter

The particular countertop style and design you choose can determine the overall functionality of your kitchen, as well as influence overall aesthetics. It’s essential to take your time when choosing a counter as it’s not something that can be easily changed once done. 

Some of the issues you should consider when choosing Jackson WY Countertops include: 


The particular materials you choose will influence a variety of aspects. Natural stone alternatives such as granite and quartz, for instance, are on the high end of the market but can last for over 5 decades when properly maintained. Laminate is more affordable but is less durable and will require replacement every 5 to 10 years. 

Prefabricated vs. Custom Designs 

You can opt for predesigned alternatives or decide on a bespoke design. Prefabricated options represent the more affordable alternative, while custom designs give you free rein regarding your particular wants and requirements. Hiring an established contractor is essential when dealing with custom designs. 


The most suitable countertop design will depend on the intended purpose of the fixture. If you’d like to use it as an additional meal preparation space, you should consider counters with sink installation provisions, to allow for an additional washing area. We offer a wide variety of countertop solutions, so call us today! Custom Royal Countertops and Tile, your preferred contractor!…

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Hiring Professional Countertop Installation Services

Hiring an established contractor is an advisable strategy to take when dealing with major aspects such as countertop installations. Making mistakes with such ventures can be quite costly. Having a professional take over the responsibility removes such financial responsibility from your shoulders. 

Some of the benefits of hiring a professional countertop installation service include: 

Quality Assurance 

Countertop installation requires a level of skill to effectively accomplish. Dealing with materials such as Jackson WY Granite Countertops, for example, requires an experienced hand because it’s notoriously difficult to handle when developing a custom design. 

Extensive Supply Networks 

Established firms will have developed a wide network of suppliers for various items involved with countertop installations. Contrary to popular belief, sourcing materials yourself will likely be more expensive than having a contractor do it on your behalf, as you’ll not enjoy the same discounts given to frequent buyers. 


Most professionals offer warranties with their countertops, meaning you don’t have to go out of pocket if something unexpectedly breaks down. This ensures you’re getting quality products as firms wouldn’t want to suffer any replacement costs. We offer our counter installation services at affordable rates, so call us today! Custom Royal Countertops and Tile, your preferred contractor!

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Maintaining Granite Countertops

Natural stone is a popular countertop alternative for homeowners seeking a combination of elegance and durability. There are multiple alternatives available in this category, with granite representing a firm favorite for many kitchen remodeling projects. 

Some of the practices you should adopt regarding the maintenance of Granite Countertops include: 

Avoid Acidic Cleaners 

You must avoid any cleaners with high acid levels when working with granite. Such soaps and detergents are likely to cause discolorations in the long run, so only pH-neutral alternatives should be applied. Substances such as vinegar and anything with ammonia should be avoided. 

Maintain a Regular Cleaning Schedule 

Wiping down the counter regularly is a good way to avoid the accumulation of potentially stubborn stains. Cleaning up a spill as soon as it’s made, for example, can ensure it doesn’t leave any lasting marks. You can use warm water and dry towels to deal with most messes in the kitchen. 

Sealing the Surface 

Sealing your countertop’s surface at least once a year is essential in enhancing the longevity of its surface. This protective layer will protect against stains and scratches. There are a variety of sealers available in the market, including penetrating, enhancing, and topical alternatives. We offer quality granite counters at affordable rates, so call us today! Custom Royal Countertops and Tile, your preferred contractor!…

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Decorating your Kitchen Countertop

Your countertop is one of the primary fixtures of the kitchen. If you’re thinking about remodeling this area, focusing on the countertop is a good place to start. Updating the decor involved with this fixture is an effective way to change its appearance at an affordable rate. 

Some of the ways you can enhance the aesthetics of your Countertops include: 

Adding a Centerpiece 

Placing one or two statement pieces on the counter can instill a sense of aesthetic decor. There’s a wide variety of options to choose from, including flower vases, fruit bowls, and handcrafted alternatives. It’s essential to stick to a small number of items to avoid cluttering the space involved. 

Alluring Countertop Surface Designs 

Depending on the material, you can easily change the appearance of a counter’s surface. Laminate countertops offer numerous 3D print options, including the ability to implement custom designs with your counter. Butcher blocks can be altered by giving them a fresh coat of paint, while tile countertops can be implemented with multiple mosaic patterns that can blend in with different styles and designs. 

Kitchen Staple Caddies 

Everyday kitchen staples can serve to enhance the decor of this space. You can accomplish this objective by neatly arranging these items on fashionable caddies, sleek trays, or wicker baskets. For unique countertop decor services, call us today! Custom Royal Countertops and Tile, your preferred contractor!…

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Adding Storage Space with a Counter Installation

Unfortunately, there’s only so much wall space where you can mount shelves and cupboards after which you might need to find alternative solutions. A great solution for such a conundrum is integrating additional space with your countertop. 

Some effective ways you can integrate additional storage space with your Jackson WY Countertops include: 

Adding Cupboards to the Base 

The simplest way to enhance storage space is by utilizing the base of your counter by adding storage solutions such as shelves and cupboards instead of treating it as dead space. You can also add cabinets on top of the counter if your fixture is placed against the wall and you’re willing to sacrifice a bit of workspace for extra storage. 

Adding Shelf Risers 

Shelf risers can be defined as freestanding ledgers that act as an additional rack where items can be stored. This is an excellent solution because of the simplicity and adaptability involved. You can simply place these fixtures on top of the counter’s surface, meaning you don’t need professional help with its application. 

Placing Spice and Dish Racks 

Spices and dishes can have dedicated racks placed on the counter to save space. These fixtures are available in various styles, allowing them to blend in with different kitchen designs and color schemes. We offer great countertop solutions for remodeling projects, so call us today! Custom Royal Countertops and Tile, your preferred contractor!

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Pros and Cons of Porcelain Tiles

Tile installations are a great option when you’re looking for affordable decor options. This approach offers a wide selection of alternatives as it’s available in multiple colors, sizes, and designs. One of the initial considerations you should keep in mind is the most suitable material for your needs. Porcelain is one of the more popular options when it comes to this category. 

Pros of Porcelain Tiles 

Porcelain is a great tiling option for individuals looking for quality on a budget. They are highly durable and are available in a wide variety of colors, sizes, and dimensions. Its flexible aesthetics allow it to blend in with a variety of stylistic directions. It’s also greatly water-resistant, which makes it great for areas that require frequent cleaning. 

Cons of Porcelain Tiles 

Porcelain can be a bit brittle when compared to other alternatives such as ceramic, making it more prone to breakage when subjected to forceful impact. It’s also more difficult to install because of its high density, and its hardy nature makes it harder to cut through and trim. If you’re considering porcelain tiles as a viable option, hiring an established contractor can greatly enhance your chances of success, so call us today! Custom Royal Countertops and Tile, your preferred contractor!…

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