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June 2022

Affordable Countertop Materials

If you’re considering a kitchen remodel, a good place to start can be with your countertop. If you’re working on a budget, an effective way of cutting costs is by identifying reliable but affordable materials. Some countertop alternatives that don’t require you to break the bank include: 


Wood is a popular option for countertops as it’s easily available and significantly affordable compared to other alternatives. It represents an excellent option, as long as good quality timber is used for the fixture. Hardwoods are the best alternative in this sector, and opting for pressure-treated alternatives allows you to enjoy greater levels of durability and longevity. 


Laminate is another popular material when it comes to affordable Jackson WY countertops. This composite offers great value for money as it can be quite durable when maintained properly and is easy to install. Modern 3D printing techniques have also allowed this option to mimic different other materials including wood, stone, or concrete. 


If you’re looking for a modern alternative on a budget, concrete countertops can offer a great solution for your needs. It’s one of the most durable materials on the market and is a great alternative to natural stone as it’s available at a fraction of the price. If you’re looking for affordable, quality countertop solutions, call us today!

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Common Mistakes with a Countertop Remodel

Remodeling your kitchen countertop can be a great way to enhance the aesthetics of this room without making a significant investment. Some common mistakes you should try to avoid with countertop remodels include: 

Ignoring the Floorplan 

A floor plan simply refers to the size and shape of a room as seen from above. It allows you to get a feel of how best the available space can be utilized. It’s crucial to consider these spatial attributes when looking to install your countertop. Failure to do so can lead to multiple complications including developing a cramped feel about the room and interrupting traffic patterns. 

Constantly Changing Plans 

It’s essential to make a decision and stick to it. Switching from Jackson WY countertops to marble, for instance, will not only lead to delays with the installation but will probably require additional costs to make the change. Taking the time to look through your options can help you avoid such indecision. 

Cheap is Expensive 

Some homeowners tend to go for the cheapest options available in the market when it comes to such projects. This doesn’t necessarily save you money, however, as such alternatives are likely to require replacing in a short period, leading to repetitive expenses. We offer the best countertop installation services in town, so call us today! Custom Royal Countertops and Tile, your preferred contractor!…

Remodeling your Countertop on a Budget

Your countertop represents one of the major sections of your kitchen. One of the issues that make homeowners hesitant about initiating a remodel on this fixture is the potential costs involved. However, such a project doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg if you implement the right strategy. Some great ways you can remodel your countertop on a budget include: 

Focus on Affordable Materials 

There are several low-cost options available in the market, including wood, laminate, and tiles. These alternatives can be easily sourced and can be available at discount prices from some suppliers. It’s essential to ensure that the option you choose still exhibits adequate levels of quality and not simply go for the cheapest option. 

Downgrade on Size 

Focusing on small to medium-sized countertops is an effective way of keeping costs down. You can opt to position the counter closer to the cooking area for practical purposes. You can also opt for an island alternative that takes up a central position when looking at smaller-sized options. 

Seek out Discounts 

Another excellent way that you can save on costs is by seeking attractive deals and discounts in this sector. Several contractors offer their clients a variety of great deals in a bid to encourage repeat customers. We offer high-quality, affordable countertop installations in Jackson, so call us today! Custom Royal Countertops and Tile, your preferred contractor!…

Hiring a Contractor for your Countertop Remodel

If you’re thinking about remodeling your countertop, hiring a professional is highly recommendable when looking to ensure quality. Some of the elements you should consider when seeking a contractor for your countertop remodel include: 

Size of the Workforce 

An established firm will have a workforce of at least 5 to 10 people. If the contractor you’re considering operates as a one-man army, they’re likely to be limited in terms of managing squeezed timelines and multiple activities. Although installing a countertop doesn’t require many people, the presence of dedicated personnel is a sure sign of an established company. 


Finding a contractor that specializes in countertop installations is an excellent means of ensuring quality. Candidates that have installed tens of granite countertops, for instance, will likely handle your project in a shorter period while maintaining high-quality levels. General contractors, on the other hand, might not have the same experience with this particular kind of installation. 

Interview at least Three Candidates 

You should never rush your decision when it comes to choosing the right contractor. Interviewing at least three candidates before picking a candidate can ensure you don’t regret your decision when it’s too late. We offer reliable, affordable, and high-quality countertop solutions, so call us today! Custom Royal Countertops and Tile, your preferred contractor!…

Butcher Blocks vs Granite Countertops

If you’re thinking about installing a new countertop with your kitchen remodel, choosing the right material for your needs might be easier said than done. Two alternatives that are currently popular in the market include butcher blocks and granite countertops. Both options offer high levels of quality but come with different attributes. 

Butcher Blocks 

Butcher blocks are made from wood that has been sanded down and polished. They come in varying styles and designs, including end and edge grain, flat-faced surfaces, and sealed or tumble edges. As the name suggests, you can prepare food directly on this surface, and the counter can give your kitchen a classically rustic look. It’s also more affordable compared to other alternatives and involves a simple installation process. Butcher block countertops represent an eco-friendly solution and are easy to maintain. 

Granite Countertops 

Granite counters are a hugely popular option for modern kitchen designs. This material is harder to install compared to butcher blocks as it features less flexibility and weighs significantly more. It’s also a bit more expensive than its counterpart, but also offers greater levels of durability. These countertops come in different hues and patterns and feature better levels of heat resistance. 

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What to Consider with a Countertop Remodel

Your countertop plays a significant role in the provision of storage solutions and a food preparation area. A remodeling project is a great way to improve the functionality and aesthetics of your kitchen. Some of the things you should consider with your countertop remodel include: 


The first element of any remodeling project is the allocated budget. The funds available for this activity will determine the alternatives at your disposal. Jackson WY granite countertops, for example, are a great option for those willing to invest. If you’re looking for a largely affordable solution, however, laminate countertops might best suit your needs. 


As effective as countertops are in influencing the aesthetics of a kitchen, their primary purpose is to offer an additional workspace. The particular option you choose should accommodate your different needs in terms of sufficient space and maneuverability. You can choose to add features such as a sink on one end to improve functionality. 

Size and Shape 

The dimensions of your countertop should blend in with the floorplan of your kitchen. You shouldn’t simply try to force-fit a design just because you like it. A countertop should not get in the way when you’re trying to move about, or be too small for practical purposes. If you’re looking for the best countertop installation services in Jackson, call us today! Custom Royal Countertops and Tile, your preferred contractor!…

What to Consider with Mosaic Tiling

Mosaic tiling is becoming a popular option for many buildings and even some residences as this classical approach has been revived in the interior décor scene. If you want to implement this style with your tile installation project, there are a few elements you should keep in mind. Some of these include: 


The first thing to consider with your options is the best tile to use for your project. Ceramic tiles represent one of the more affordable options, while natural stone and metal are on the higher end of the price list because they are harder to source and develop. Many ceramic and porcelain alternatives come with ready-made mosaic designs that make them easier to install. 

The Area Involved 

Where you plan on implementing your mosaic design can influence factors such as suitable materials. If you’re planning a floor installation, for example, you will need to choose a durable material that will not crack under pressure. Wall installations, on the other hand, can be addressed with more delicate alternatives such as glass. 

Hiring a Professional 

Depending on the complexity of the pattern, hiring a professional to handle the task can boost your chances of success. The size of the tiles might also play a role, as the smaller the tiles, the harder the installation process. If you’re looking for established tiling contractors, call us today! Custom Royal Countertops and Tile, your preferred contractor!…

Ceramic vs. Wooden Tiles

Tiles have gained a lot of popularity in recent years, with more and more owners viewing this option as a suitable alternative when looking for affordable décor solutions. Its flexibility has also enhanced its commerciality as it can be applied to several surface areas. 

Two popular options in the market are ceramic and wooden tiles. If you’re considering these two materials with your Jackson WY tile installation project, comparing and contrasting the two ensures you’re happy with your final decision. 

Ceramic Tiles 

Ceramic tiles are one of the more affordable options in the market and are quite durable. They can easily mimic other materials, including hardwood floors, marble, and granite. Mortar and grout are the main elements used during installation, and the process can easily be approached as a DIY project. 

Wooden Tiles 

Wooden tiles are an elegant option for interior installation and are quite comfortable beneath the feet. However, wooden tiling isn’t suitable in all regions, as this material tends to expand and contract with the heat. These tiles are installed using groove joints, which is a more complicated process compared to the ceramic approach. 

The only way to ensure a good tiling job is by hiring an established contractor, so call us today! Custom Royal Countertops and Tile, your preferred contractor!…

Leading Tile Installation Trends in 2022

Whereas in the past a continuous streak of drab white square tiles was the main picture that came to mind when thinking of tile installation projects, much has changed over the years. There are now numerous alternatives to choose from when dealing with patterns, designs, size, and material. 

Some of the leading tile installations set to take place in 2022 include: 

Natural Ceramic Colors 

Ceramic tiles have never lost their popularity because of their affordability and durability. One of the leading trends implemented with this material includes the mimicry of different materials like marble or quartz. This trend is predicted to change in 2022, with natural colors like beige, creamy tans, and chestnut browns. 

Hardwood Tile Walls 

Hardwood tiles were generally considered a flooring alternative. The material has, however, been implemented in more stylistic ventures in recent times. One of these is hardwood walls. The intrigue of such an approach is also practically applicable because walls are not regularly overly exposed to moisture or water. 

Implementing Different Tile Sizes 

Another oncoming trend is the application of different sized tiles in one area. This gives the area a unique look and prevents monotony. This strategy is easier said than done, however, so hiring a professional is recommendable. If you’re looking for a qualified tile installer in your area, call us today! Custom Royal Countertops and Tile, your preferred contractor!…

Signs of a Good Tile Installation

If you have never handled tiling installation before, hiring a contractor is the best way to ensure satisfactory results. However, just because you’ve hired a professional doesn’t automatically mean they will guarantee a great job. Knowing what to look for after the job can help you determine whether you’ve got your money’s worth. 

Some signs of a good tile installation include: 

Even Flooring and Stable Tiles 

One of the clear signs of a good job is a smooth and level surface. If the tiles are stable and tightly knit, meaning they don’t sag or wobble when walking across them. The floor space should also show signs of even ground, meaning it doesn’t dip and rise as you move from one section to another. 

Symmetrical and Centered Designs 

Any design needs to be placed symmetrically to implement matching consistency. One side should not appear lopsided when compared to another. The design should also be centered within the room, creating a pivotal focus with the motif implemented. 

Good Cuts along Edges and Corners 

The tiles should also be appropriately cut to seamlessly fit into any small spaces found in corners and edges. There shouldn’t be any remaining spaces left in such areas. Apart from the edges and corners, you can also check the door jambs or electrical outlets. Hiring an established contractor ensures you can avoid these mistakes, so call us today! Custom Royal Countertops and Tile, your preferred contractor!…

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